VIDEO: Uhuru and Maraga face-off at the release of the Judiciary report

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Chief Justice David Maraga. [Photo/The Star]

Chief Justice David Maraga and President Uhuru Kenyatta cunningly vented out their frustrations to each other on Thursday during the release of the 2018-2019 Judiciary report.

Maraga started by revisiting the issue of budget cuts which he said affected his office and stalled most of their operations as Uhuru looked on.

“Last year, we had abrupt budget cuts. I made calls and the calls were not responded to. You see where I am coming from. We live in this country and we understand. Even if there will be budget cuts, at least consult with us. Our major problem is finances,” he said.

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Maraga also confirmed that all the complains he is making do in no way portray him as a bad person since he accords respect to every authority in the country.

“I respect the authority and those junior to me. I expect mutual respect so that we can work together,” he added.

Finally, when Uhuru stood to make his speech he started by jokingly saying “Kila mtu na complains zake sasa ni zangu”. From that point Uhuru urged Maraga and his team to reduce their expenditure by using cheaper services whenever they want to host a seminar.

“We need to think outside the box to utilise the resources we have. In one circular, we have said we do not have to buy 3 newspapers for individuals. Jameni nunua yako hata mimi na nunua yangu. Why can’t we use School of Govt instead of hotels,” said Uhuru.

Uhuru also challenged the Judiciary on matters court injunctions which he said affects the efficacy of the national government and even claimed the courts are colluding with professionals who have vested interests in some projects.

“There are professionals who have made their business to stop projects in court. I ask myself, why is it that 99% of these cases filed by one person? I think there is something there that one must interrogate,” said Uhuru.

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Finally, Uhuru reassured Maraga and his team that they are an equal branch of government as is the legislature and the executive but in order for a good working relationship, the public interest should be top of the agenda.

“I am your partner. I want to do great things. We have had discussions with the Chief Justice. I wish they were more regular. We have been given a mandate by the citizens. Let us work together. Independence does not mean that we cannot work together,” said Uhuru.

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