HFM Organizes Successful CFD Seminar in Kenya

HFM is the best forex broker in Kenya with exceptional technical capabilities. It utilizes MetaTrader 4 and MT5 trading platforms, offers mobile trading and account management applications.

HFM Organizes Successful CFD Seminar in Kenya


HFM, a leader in forex trading in Kenya, has recently organized a two-day CFD seminar on Saturday 24th and 25th of September 2022, at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, in Nairobi, Kenya.


The seminar was met with great success. As many as 800 people attended it and left with valuable information about HFM’s products and services as well as comprehensive professional training on MT4 and MT5 platforms. It featured several different speakers and topics ranging on both technical and theoretical subjects.


A special presentation was also given by Enoch Ruto (Country Head of business development) regarding the HFM affiliate program.


Finally, attendees were given the opportunity to attend a free 3-day training course that followed from Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th. The success of the seminar proved once more the strong presence of HFM in the Kenya online trading market, both as a trading services provider as well as an educator.


Who is HFM?


HFM is a well-known worldwide broker with a significant presence in Kenya is HFM (formerly HotForex). Unlike numerous overseas brokers, it offers a KES trading platform and has regional CMA regulations and customer service. It also provides quick and cost-free transfers and deposits from a selection of neighborhood banks.


The Mini Account, with a 5 USD initial deposit and affordable trading costs, distinguishes among HFM’s three regular accounts and two specialist copy trading accounts. It is also good to see that HFM has lately resumed trading in cryptocurrencies, no doubt due to the asset’s rising popularity. This is in addition to a fantastic selection of trading options that include over 950 additional foreign equity.


Along with its smartphone app, the HF App, which enables users to trade from graphs and make payments and withdrawals, HFM also accepts the MT4 and MT5 platforms. It also features several great trading tools to help traders even more. Sadly, access to features like Auto Chartist, which the other brokers provide as a free service, necessitates a current account of 100 USD, which is significantly more than the necessary minimum investment.




HFM presence in Kenya?

HFM is the best forex broker in Kenya. The company possesses exceptional technical capabilities. It utilizes the MetaTrader 4 and MT5 trading platforms and offers mobile trading and account management applications.


It has been adjusted to perfectly meet the requirements of Kenyan traders in addition to providing solid service and reliable technology. Additionally, HFM has built up a substantial partner network. They assist in the preparation of educational CFD seminars among their diverse list of activities.


HFM (formerly Hotforex): Is It Safe?

HFM is a reputable broker with a sizable clientele in Kenya. It is locally governed by the CMA and provides negative balance insurance for all traders.


  • CMA Limitations: HFM is CMA-licensed and enjoys a stellar reputation among Forex trading in Kenya. With a CMA license, HFM customers understand their money is safe and that the company would treat its Kenyan customers with respect. HFM is a CMA-licensed company with a great record in forex trading in the Kenyan community. With a CMA license, HFM’s clients may be sure that their money is safe and that the company would treat its Kenyan customers properly.

Security Options: Although the CMA’s regulations are less stringent than those enforced by authorities in the UK or Australia, HFM is nevertheless required to isolate its customer money in reputable Kenyan banks and provide its clients with monthly account statements. Negative balance protection is also provided to HFM customers in Kenya, ensuring that they will never lose more cash than their down payment.



In conclusion

The flawless organization and the depth of information that was delivered in this seminar proved one more time why HFM is the broker of choice. We are very interested to see what we can expect next from Kenya’s leading broker.

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