Trump’s ouster brewing, will he survive the storm?

Donald Trump [Photo/Courtesy]

Trump’s ouster brewing, will he survive the storm?

Democratic legislators in the US are today expected to begin developing a formal political process aimed at impeaching President Donald Trump. The enormity and magnitude of this task is massive bearing in mind that it’s the third attempt in two and a half centuries of the US history.

The House Rules Committee, led and hugely dominated by the Democrats, is expected to convene a sitting at 3 pm ET to shift focus to the recommendations of an earlier inquiry into whether Trump misused power by seeking political favors from Ukraine.

Today’s sitting precedes a full House vote  expected to be rolled out tomorrow, going down in the annals of history as the first time the Democratic majority attempted to oust the President. If this combined effort attains success, Trump could get impeached by the end of the year.

Trump’s supporters have however hit back terming the impeachment attempts as witch hunt.