3 lies we have told Kenyans for 7 years, Moses Kuria reveals

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria. [Photo/File]

3 lies we have told Kenyans for 7 years, Moses Kuria reveals

Controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has once again made the headlines after he alleged that the National Assembly Budget Committee in which he is a member has cheated Kenyans for the last seven years.

Speaking on Monday on Citizen TVKuria opened up 5 major malpractices that the committee has been doing behind the veil.

Below are the three lies as exposed by Kuria.

  1. The committee approves ministerial budgets without proper oversight.

“We (Parliament) have failed in our oversight duties. The country is in a hole for we said yes instead of no. Ours is an error of omission. Every year we have sold to Kenyans this romantic story that all is well because we respect the Executive and most of us are in the ruling party,” he said.

2. The budget committee has repeatedly cooked figures on their books and lied about budget deficits.

“I am Catholic; that is why I am offering an apology. For seven years we have cheated this country that we do zero-based budgeting, lied about deficits and cooked books, ” said Kuria.

3. Treasury opted for expensive loans when they could get cheaper ones from World Bank and ADB.

However, Kikuyu MP and chairman of the budget committee Kimani Ichungwa has rubbished the claims from Kuria, terming him an unreliable person to echo such allegations.

“Please don’t ask me about anything Moses Kuria says. I can never respond to anything raised by Moses Kuria. Maybe any else who is a serious Kenyan,” he said.

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