Trump starts mobilizing, organizing, to secure second term


US President Donald Trump has put on a brave face to confront head-on the obstacles likely to impede his re-election bid. Controversies marring White House ranging from impeachment attempts, vexed immigration policies, and international rivalries with Iran are the major blocks that Trump will have to navigate through before he gets clearance to inhabit the powerful house for a second term.


With the first round of this year’s presidential vote scheduled just a few weeks away, Trump has been seen by political observers to increasingly shift focus to stepping up his criticism of the Democrats seeking to oust him from the presidency via the ballot. Close allies and official staff have also been observed to draft policies, both domestic and foreign, angling towards the 2020 campaign.


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Worth noting is that Trump publicly announced his re-election bid on his inauguration day in January 2017. His first term has seen Trump establish untilted focus in an attempt to secure a rich legacy amid hyped crisis at home and abroad.


In the run-up to this year’s election, the government has launched a massive operation to explore progressive policy proposals that could solidify the president’s support base while at the same expanding his popularity countrywide.