The interesting Andy Selva

Selva was also part of the team that played the historic match on the 28th of April 2004. That was the only time when San Marino won a game.

Andy Selva

The interesting Andy Selva


When thinking about the San Marino national football team, most likely people wonder about their defeats. However, it is also a good idea to speak a little bit about their best goal scorer ever. Currently, it is possible to try sports betting online on website, which features all the matches of the San Marino squad.


Andy Selva is the most important scorer in the history of the San Marino national squad. He played professionally between 1994 and 2018. It should be noted that Selva was born in Rome, meaning that theoretically, he could also be selected for the Italian squad. However, since his mother was from San Marino, he chose to represent that team instead. Right now, on 1xBet fans can try online sports betting on all the contests played by this squad.

A great goalscorer

While Selva never played for some of the biggest Italian teams like Juventus, AC Milan or Inter Milan, he still did a good job on other squads. When visiting – only safe football betting online can be made on those very important teams. Some of the squads where Selva had a great career included:


  • Tivoli;
  • Bellaria;
  • SPAL 1907;
  • and Sassuolo.


Selva’s performances meant that he constantly moved across different teams between the third and fourth levels of Italian football. However, this was still enough for him to be constantly considered for the San Marino national squad. Right now, only safe online football betting can be made on 1xBet, which has all the leagues that are part of the Italian football system.

Becoming the biggest goal scorer of his national team

Selva played international football for San Marino between 1997 and 2016. He started with the U-21 squad, which is also featured on the platform. Later, in 1998 he started to be considered for the senior team. Across his 18-year-long international career, Selva scored 8 goals in 73 matches.


Those numbers amount to an average of slightly more than 0.1 goals per match. While this might be low for other strikers, these are excellent numbers for the San Marino national team.


Andy Selva


Some of the teams that received goals from Andy Selva were Slovakia, Wales, Belgium, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In fact, out of the 8 international goals that he scored in total, 3 of them were scored against Belgium. All of them came in different matches.

Selva was also part of the team that played the historic match on the 28th of April 2004. That was the only time when San Marino won a game. It was against Liechtenstein, and the San Marino striker scored the only goal of the match that ended 1-0. Whenever Liechtenstein and San Marino jump into the field, fans can wager on them through the 1xBet platform.