Shock as entire Russian cabinet resigns following law amendment proposals

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a past event.

The Russian executive wing of government led by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has called it quits in a move to protest President Vladimir Putin’s proposed constitutional reforms. The officials announced their resignations on Wednesday shortly after Putin fronted the clearest indication yet of his interest to continue clinging onto power after his term ends in 2024.

In his proposals, Putin had outlined the need to vest more power in the lower house of parliament to enable it appoint future government officials including prime ministers. It is worth noting that Putin’s political loyalists enjoy a majority membership in the said house. The existing set-up provides that government officials be appointed directly by the president on free will.

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The proposal irked critics and liberal analysts who argued that it was a scheme by Putin to water down the powers of his successor so that he can continue influencing government policy even after leaving office. Putin has been at the helm of Russian power for 20 years, both as prime minister and as president, and is not eligible to run for office again under the current law.

Cabinet ministers who tendered their resignations will remain in office awaiting the appointment of their successors.