Gal Sport Betting (GSB) Zambia Account Registration and login

GSB Zambia has a bonus awarded on both single and multi-bets called selection bonus. It starts from one game or selection which is awarded a 5% bonus on winnings.

Gal Sport Betting (GSB) Zambia Account Registration and login


Click here to register on GSB Zambia 


Click here to login on GSB Zambia 



In brief

    1. This article has answers to some of the questions you might have on GSB Zambia registration, login and betting.
    2. We give you details on GSB Zambia Apk download, GSB Zambia jackpot and fixtures.
    3. Read on for details on how to check bet slips, make GSB Zambia deposits and GSB Zambia contacts.
    4. We also tell you about GSB Zambia virtual casino, GSB Zambia jobs, as well as GSB Zambia money back.



About GSB Zambia


Click here to register on GSB Zambia 


Gal Sport Betting Zambia is an online sportsbook which operates in Zambia and a few other African countries. It is licensed by the Zambia State and Lotteries Board. GSB Zambia has sports betting, casino and virtual games. It also has live betting.



GSB Zambia apk download (mobile App)

Click here to download the GSB Zambia Android mobile App.



GSB Zambia contacts (+260 977560501)

The GSB Zambia website has the following contact functions;

    1. Call us option at the top of the page
    2. WhatsApp: +260 977560501
    3. GSB Zambia email address:
    4. Twitter: @gsb_zambia
    5. Facebook: @GSBZambia
    6. Instagram: @galsportbettingzambia



How to register on GSB Zambia

GSB Zambia account opening is a simple exercise, done with the convenience of a smartphone/computer.

Use these easy steps to register for GSB Zambia;

    1. Click here to register for GSB Zambia 
    2. Enter your phone number followed by your names
    3. Enter and confirm your password
    4. Enter a promotional code (optional)
    5. Accept the GSB Zambia terms and conditions
    6. Confirm that you are above 18 years
    7. Click on “Join now” to complete the process



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How to login to GSB Zambia

Logging in to your GSB Zambia account can be done instantly. You only need the following;

    1. Smartphone/computer
    2. Good internet connection
    3. Your login details which are your phone number and password.
    4. Visit the GSB Zambia website to login



How to reset your GSB Zambia password

    1. You can easily reset your forgotten password from the login section
    2. Click on the “Forgot password?” button and give your phone number
    3. Hit send and follow the instructions sent to you, to get a new password.



GSB Zambia fixtures

    1. GSB Zambia has well arranged fixtures which are categorized in countries and then fixtures.
    2. Go to the menu on the GSB Zambia website, choose a sport, for example soccer
    3. Select from the list of countries, then leagues.
    4. You can even filter the fixture using options like Today, 12 hours.



How to place a bet on GSB Zambia

    1. Login to your GSB Zambia account
    2. Click on home and choose a category/sport you want to bet on, for example live betting.
    3. Use the league filter to narrow down to the matches you want
    4. On every match are the default markets (home win, draw and away win)
    5. If you want more markets, for instance, both teams to score, click on (+).
    6. Make your selections by tapping on the odds which correspond to your favored outcome
    7. Review your selections on the bet slip
    8. Enter your stake amount and place your bet.
    9. The maximum number of games allowed for GSB Zambia multi bets is 50
    10. The GSB Zambia minimum stake is 1 ZMW.



How to check your GSB Zambia bet slip

    1. Login to your GSB Zambia account
    2. Click on “My bets”
    3. All your bets on GSB Zambia will be displayed
    4. Set the dates between which you want to view your bets.



GSB Zambia Money Back

    1. GSB Zambia still rewards you if one game in your multi bet fails.
    2. To get your stake back, you must have a minimum of 2 games in your bet slip
    3. The total odds excluding the game you lost must be 25 minimum
    4. If your total odds are above 90 (excluding the lost game in your bet), GSB Zambia will reward you 5 times the stake you put in.



GSB Zambia deposit bonus

    1. GSB Zambia rewards new customers a bonus of 100% on their first deposits.
    2. Register a GSB Zambia account and make a deposit
    3. Bet a minimum of 3 times with that deposit (minimum total odds 3.00)
    4. The 3 times wager must be done within 30 days of your first deposit
    5. Once the above conditions are met, the bonus will appear automatically on your bet slip.



GSB Zambia selection bonus

    1. GSB Zambia has a bonus awarded on both single and multi-bets called selection bonus.
    2. It starts from one game/selection which is awarded a 5% bonus on winnings.
    3. The bonus percentage increases with each selection added, up to a maximum rate of 400%



GSB Zambia virtual casino

GSB Zambia has an impressive casino with categories such as;

    1. Slots
    2. Instant games
    3. Table games

Roulette, card games and videopoker are some of the games featured on the live shows under the GSB Zambia live casino category.

GSB Zambia casino and live casino can be found at the top of the page, on the GSB Zambia website.



How to deposit on GSB Zambia

    1. Login to your GSB Zambia account and choose deposit
    2. Choose a payment method, for example MTN
    3. Make sure the number displayed there is your registered number
    4. Specify your deposit amount
    5. A USSD will be sent to your phone for you to enter your PIN
    6. The deposit amount will then be credited to your account



How to withdraw from GSB Zambia

    1. Login to your account and go to the withdraw option
    2. Select a payment method
    3. Enter the withdrawal amount and then confirm your password



What are the payment methods accepted on GSB Zambia?

    1. Airtel Money
    2. MTN Money


GSB Zambia jobs

    1. GSB Zambia has additional opportunities where you can earn extra income.
    2. The GSB Zambia affiliate program is one such opportunity.
    3. GSB Zambia has competitive commissions for every customer referral you make.
    4. Click here to join the GSB Zambia affiliate program. 



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GSB Zambia jackpot

GSB Zambia has no jackpot



GSB Zambia cash out

GSB Zambia has no cash out, but take advantage of their impressive bonuses like Crazy Money Back.



Sports available on GSB Zambia are;

    1. Soccer
    2. Basketball
    3. Tennis
    4. MMA
    5. Bowls
    6. Baseball
    7. Boxing
    8. Rugby
    9. Cricket
    10. Handball
    11. Ice hockey
    12. Snooker
    13. Table tennis
    14. Waterpolo
    15. Volleyball
    16. Badminton



GSB is also available in the following countries;

    1. Gal Sport Betting Uganda
    2. Gal Sport Betting South Sudan
    3. Gal Sport Betting Tanzania