Bet261 Madagascar Account Registration and Login

Bet261 Madagascar has a multi bet bonus which is awarded from 5 games or more in one bet slip. With each of the 5 selections having at least 1.20 odds, you will be awarded a 5% bonus on winnings.

Bet261 Madagascar Account Registration and Login


Click here to register on Bet261 Madagascar


Click here to login on Bet261 Madagascar

In brief

    1. This article provides answers to some of the questions you might have about Bet261 Madagascar. We tell you about Bet261 Madagascar registration, login and betting.
    2. The article gives details about Bet261 Madagascar Apk download (mobile App), Bet261 Madagascar program, virtual sports and bonus.
    3. Read on for details about Bet261 Madagascar casino, cash back, as well as how to contact Bet261 Madagascar.



About Bet261 Madagascar


To register on Bet261 Madagascar click here


Bet261 Madagascar is owned by and a version of PMU Bet in Madagascar. It is licensed by the Société d’Exploitation des Loteries in Madagascar. It has betting options in sports betting, casino, virtual games and lottery.



Bet261 Madagascar Apk download (Mobile App)

    1. Bet261 Madagascar has an Android mobile App for use by its customers.
    2. Click here to download the Bet261 Madagascar Android App. 



Bet261 Madagascar contacts (0343080006)

    1. Bet261 Madagascar Telma number is 0343080006
    2. Bet261 Madagascar Orange number is 0323203535
    3. Bet261 Madagascar Facebook @bet261



How to register for Bet261 Madagascar

Bet261 Madagascar account creation is an easy process online. On your phone or computer follow these simple steps for Bet261 Madagascar registration;


    1. To register for Bet261 Madagascar click here 
    2. Enter your phone number followed by a password
    3. Accept Bet261 Madagascar terms and conditions
    4. Click on the register button to receive your Bet261 Madagascar verification code via SMS
    5. The verification code is for account confirmation purpose.



How to login to Bet261 Madagascar

Logging in to your Bet261 Madagascar account is easy if you have the following;

    1. A smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet access
    3. Your login details which are your phone number and password.
    4. Visit the Bet261 Madagascar website to login to your account.



How to reset your Bet261 Madagascar password

In case you forget your Bet261 Madagascar password, you can easily get a new one on the Bet261 Madagascar website.

    1. Click on the “Forgot your password?” option at the top of the page
    2. Enter your phone number to get a password reset code and instructions.



Bet261 Madagascar program

    1. Bet261 Madagascar has match programs which can be downloaded from the Bet261 Madagascar website.
    2. At the bottom of the page select the Programs and Results option
    3. Enter your preferred league and download the program.



Bet261 Madagascar virtual league

Bet261 Madagascar has a virtual league section which simulates real football leagues such as the Italian Serie A and the English Premier League.

Bet261 Madagascar has the following virtual leagues;

    1. English fast league
    2. Italian fast league
    3. Spanish fast league
    4. Platinum hounds
    5. Dashing derby for horse racing

In Bet261 Madagascar virtual leagues, you can place bets on very familiar teams such as Tottenham Hot Spurs. The markets and odds also resemble the real soccer betting odds.



Bet261 Madagascar casino

Bet261 Madagascar casino is an impressive collection of table, light, arcade and slot games.

Some of the games you can find on Bet261 Madagascar include;

    1. Roulette
    2. Blackjack
    3. Spin and win
    4. Diamond strike

Bet261 Madagascar also has live casino experience for you to maximize your winnings by playing in real-time.



Bet261 Madagascar cash back bonus

    1. The Bet261 cash back bonus protects you from losing your stake if one game fails you.
    2. In a bet with at least 2 games, Bet261 Madagascar will reimburse your bet amount if a single game fails you.



Bet261 Madagascar bonus

    1. Bet261 Madagascar has a multi bet bonus which is awarded from 5 games or more in one bet slip.
    2. With each of the 5 selections having at least 1.20 odds, you will be awarded a 5% bonus on winnings. The bonus amount increases with each selection added to the bet slip.



Bet261 Madagascar cash out

    1. Cash out allows you to opt out of a running bet and recover part of your winnings.
    2. Taking out your winnings early before all games are settled helps you to avoid total losses on bets.
    3. Cash out is however available on selected and specific football bets.
    4. If your bet is eligible for cash out, you will see a double arrow icon and you can go ahead and cash out.




Bet261 Madagascar Lotto

    1. Bet261 Madagascar Lotteries section has lotto games which are in form of lucky numbers.
    2. Once you open the section you will see multiple draws in progress.
    3. Click the Player button to view the draws and participate.
    4. You can select from 4 to 8 numbers, however, if you add more numbers to this minimum of 4, you increase your winning chances.



How to place bets on Bet261 Madagascar

Live bets are bets placed on events or matches that are already in progress, while pre-match bets are bets placed before matches or events begin.


The following guide covers both Bet261 Madagascar live and pre-match bets:

    1. Login to your Bet261 Madagascar account by clicking here
    2. Go to your preferred category, for example, Live bets option for live betting
    3. Make your predictions on your selected matches by clicking on the odds
    4. Review your selections on the bet slip
    5. Enter a stake amount and place your live bet or pre-match bet.




How to deposit on Bet261 Madagascar

Bet261 Madagascar deposits are easy to make online. Use these steps to make your deposit on Bet261 Madagascar;

    1. Login to your account and go to the deposit option
    2. Choose your preferred payment method
    3. Specify your deposit amount
    4. Click on validate to make your deposit



How to withdraw Money on Bet261 Madagascar

    1. Login to your account and go to the withdraw option
    2. Choose your preferred payment method
    3. Specify your withdrawal amount
    4. Click on validate to complete your withdrawal



What payment methods are accepted on Bet261 Madagascar?

    1. Airtel money
    2. M Vola mobile money
    3. Orange money
    4. Point of sale


Bet261 Madagascar jackpot

Bet261 Madagascar has no jackpot.




Bet261 Madagascar has the following sports;

    1. Football
    2. Horse racing
    3. Basketball
    4. Tennis
    5. Rugby
    6. Ice hockey
    7. Table tennis
    8. Handball



Is Bet261 available in other countries?

Yes, DR Congo.