Kwikbet Kenya Account & App Registration and Login

Kwikbet Kenya has a registration bonus that is given to new users. The registration bonus is used on sports betting.

Kwikbet Kenya Account & App Registration and Login


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In brief

    1. This article provides answers to the questions you might have about Kwikbet Kenya.
    2. We tell you how you can register a Kwikbet Kenya account, Kwikbet Kenya login and Kwikbet Kenya bonus.
    3. Read on for details on Kwikbet Kenya bonus withdrawal, Kwikbet Kenya paybill and Kwikbet Kenya jackpot.
    4. Also find details on Kwikbet Kenya casino, Kwikbet Kenya contacts and Kwikbet Kenya cash out.
    5. The article also touches on Kwikbet Kenya deposit bonus, Kwikbet Kenya games and Kwikbet Kenya balance.


About Kwikbet Kenya



Click here to register on Kwikbet Kenya



    1. Kwikbet Kenya is licensed by BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) under License number: BK0000310.
    2. Kwikbet Kenya operates under the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya.
    3. It has sports betting, virtual leagues, and casino.


How to Register on KwikBet Kenya

You can easily register a Kwikbet Kenya account online in these simple steps;

    1. Click here to register on Kwikbet Kenya
    2. Enter your phone number
    3. Enter and confirm your password
    4. Confirm you are above 18 years
    5. Accept Kwikbet Kenya’s terms and conditions.
    6. Click on Send registration code
    7. Enter the registration code on the Kwikbet Kenya website to complete the process.



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Kwikbet Kenya App download

    1. Click here to download the Kwikbet Kenya App.
    2. You will then be able to install the application on your mobile device. 


Kwikbet Kenya login

Logging in to your Kwikbet Kenya account is easy. You just need the following;

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Good internet connection
    3. Your login details are your registered phone number and password.
    4. Click here to login to Kwikbet Kenya



Kwikbet Kenya registration Via SMS

    1. SMS “KWIKBET” to 29028.
    2. You will receive a confirmation message from 29028 confirming that you are now registered.
    3. Once the registration is complete, you are ready to place your bet.



Kwikbet Kenya bonus withdrawal

    1. Once a bonus is awarded you are expected to play using it.
    2. To convert the bonus to real money you must bet 20 times the bonus amount.
    3. Once you initiate a withdrawal, the bonus expires.


Kwikbet Kenya jackpot 

Kwikbet Kenya Omoka jackpot 

    1. You can play the Kwikbet Kenya Omoka jackpot by predicting the outcomes of 9 matches.
    2. The matches are selected by Kwikbet Kenya on a weekly basis.
    3. Register on Kwikbet Kenya to play the Omoka jackpot
    4. You should have at least KES 20 in your Kwikbet account.
    5. You can only have one selection per match.
    6. Make your selections by tapping on the odds with correspond with your prediction.
    7. Click on Place bet to play the jackpot.
    8. The Omoka jackpot KES 500,000 prize is shared equally among winners.

Kwikbet Kenya jackpot games

    1. Visit the Kwikbet Kenya website to get the Kwikbet Kenya jackpot games.
    2. Click on the “Omoka Jackpot” button to play the jackpot



Kwikbet Kenya jackpot bonus

    1. Where there are no jackpot winners, those who get 7 and 8 games correct are given bonuses.
    2. If a jackpot winner is found, No bonuses are awarded.



Kwikbet Kenya deposit (Paybill 290028)

    1. Go to M-PESA menu on your mobile phone.
    2. Select Lipa na M-PESA.
    3. Select paybill.
    4. Enter 290028 as the Business Number.
    5. Enter KWIKBET as the Account Number.
    6. Enter amount.
    7. Enter your M-PESA pin and send.
    8. You will receive an SMS from M-PESA confirming the transaction.





Kwikbet Kenya bonus

    1. Kwikbet Kenya has a registration bonus that is given to new users.
    2. The registration bonus can only be used on sports betting.
    3. The maximum bonus amount awarded after registration is KES 50.



Kwikbet Kenya all games

    1. Visit the Kwikbet Kenya website to access all games on Kwikbet Kenya
    2. Click on the Sports button and scroll through the left pane to get the league/game you want.


Kwikbet Kenya booking code

    1. Booking codes are generated from the bet slip.
    2. You might decide not to place the bet after making Kwikbet Kenya selections.
    3. Click on Book bet to generate a Booking code.
    4. If you enter the Booking code on the bet slip section at a later time, your original selections will appear.



Kwikbet Kenya balance

    1. Simply SMS the word BALANCE to 29028.
    2. To check your bonus balance, SMS the word BONUS to 29028.


Kwikbet Kenya contacts (0725 290 028)

    1. Kwikbet Kenya helpline: 0725 290 028 or 0709 442 000
    2. Kwikbet Kenya Email:
    3. Kwikbet Kenya WhatsApp: +254 712 290028
    4. Click here for Kwikbet Kenya Facebook.
    5. Click here to Kwikbet Kenya Twitter.
    6. Click here for Kwikbet Kenya Instagram.
    7. Click here for Kwikbet Kenya Telegram.



Kwikbet Kenya casino

    1. Kwikbet Kenya has a well-laid-out casino section with table games and slots.
    2. Kwikbet Kenya casino has a live section where you can play casino in real-time.
    3. Kwikbet Kenya casino has games like; Roulette and Blackjack.
    4. Click here to access Kwikbet Kenya casino.


Kwikbet Kenya Cash out

    1. Kwikbet Kenya has cash out which allows you to take an early payout before bets are settled.
    2. Early payout means that you take your winnings before your predictions/games end.
    3. This is done to avoid losses, should one or more games in your bet fail.
    4. Login to your account and go to “My bets” to cash out.
    5. Cash out is always less than the possible winnings in a bet.



Kwikbet Kenya deposit bonus

    1. This is an offer available to both new customers and active users.
    2. The bonus bet must total to 10 odds minimum, and the games should be 3 or more.
    3. The maximum deposit bonus awarded is limited to KES 1000.



Kwikbet Kenya daily jackpot

    1. Kwikbet Kenya does not have a daily jackpot.
    2. It has an Omoka jackpot which is a weekly jackpot.

Kwikbet Kenya free bet

    1. The free bets are given to new customers who are verified users.
    2. The maximum bonus amount awarded is KES 1000.
    3. The maximum bonus conversion is KES 1000.
    4. To convert the bonus into real money, bet an amount 20 times more than the bonus.
    5. Once you initiate a withdrawal, the bonus expires.
    6. Click on the Free bet button on top of the page to access.



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Kwikbet Kenya forgot password (password reset)

Follow these simple steps to create a new password and recover your account;

    1. Get to the Kwikbet Kenya website.
    2. Click on ‘login’.
    3. Enter your Username and click on ‘forgot password’.
    4. You will be prompted to enter your phone number.
    5. Enter the code sent to your phone via SMS and create a new password.


Kwikbet Kenya FPL (fantasy)

    1. Kwikbet Kenya has a fantasy league group that is usually hosted by Premier League.
    2. In the Kwikbet Kenya Fantasy group, the winner is handed a prize at the end of the season.
    3. The winner is identified from the official Premier League Fantasy rankings.
    4. If there is a tie, the winners share the prize.
    5. Click here to Auto join the Kwikbet Kenya Fantasy group.



Kwikbet Kenya football

    1. Football is the biggest sporting event in Kwikbet Kenya, and it attracts the most players.
    2. Visit the Kwikbet Kenya website to view and play football bets.




Kwikbet Kenya games 

    1. Soccer
    2. Rugby
    3. Tennis
    4. League of Legends
    5. Basketball
    6. Golf
    7. American football
    8. Aussie rules
    9. Baseball
    10. Bandy
    11. Boxing
    12. Cricket
    13. Cycling
    14. Darts
    15. Floorball
    16. Handball
    17. Ice Hockey
    18. MMA
    19. Snooker
    20. Volleyball
    21. Formula 1
    22. Alpine
    23. Biathlon
    24. Motorcycle racing
    25. Futsal
    26. Ski jumping
    27. Waterpolo



Kwikbet Kenya Game ID 

    1. A game ID is a unique code used in Identifying a specific game on the Kwikbet Kenya sportsbook.
    2. It is used in Kwikbet Kenya SMS betting as discussed elsewhere in this article.
    3. Game IDs are usually displayed alongside games on the Kwikbet Kenya website.



Kwikbet Kenya virtual 

    1. Kwikbet Kenya has a virtual sports section with categories like; Virtual Soccer and Virtual tennis.
    2. These sections contained simulated sports events which mirror real tournaments like the English Premier League.
    3. Visit the Kwikbet Kenya website to access the virtual games.
    4. Click on the Virtual Games button then choose your preferred category.



Kwikbet Kenya live score

Kwikbet Kenya has no live score view.



Kwikbet Kenya’s maximum payout 

Kwikbet Kenya’s maximum payout is capped at KES 500,000, for both single and multi bets.



Kwikbet Kenya minimum stake

    1. Kwikbet Kenya’s minimum stake is just KES 1.
    2. There is virtually no minimum stake in Kwikbet Kenya.



Kwikbet Kenya My bet

    1. This is a dedicated section where you can track your bets, both in progress and settled.
    2. Login to your account and click on “My bets” to view all your gaming activity.



Kwikbet Kenya SMS number (29028)

SMS Kwikbet Kenya through 29028.



Kwikbet Kenya owners

Kwikbet Kenya is owned by Solami Limited, as per BCLB records.



Kwikbet Kenya online betting 

    1. Login to your Kwikbet Kenya account.
    2. Make your selections by clicking on the odds that correspond with your predicted outcome.
    3. Review your selections from the bet slip.
    4. Enter your stake amount.
    5. Click on “Place Bet” to complete the process.



How to bet on Kwikbet Kenya via SMS

    1. Send an SMS with the word Kwikbet to 29028.
    2. You will then receive a text message with up-to-date fixtures for upcoming soccer matches and their different odds.
    3. Select your predictions and send them to 29028 to place your bet.
    4. For single bets use format GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT.
    5. Single bet example: GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Chelsea ODDS (1=2.60 X=3.47 2=2.50)to bet on this match, SMS 123#1#200 to 29028.
    6. For Multi bets use format GAMEID#PICK#GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT.
    7. Multi bet example: GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Chelsea ODDS (1=2.54 X=3.00 2=3.10),
      GAMEID 456 Manchester United vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.87 X=4.13 2=2.40).
    8. To bet on this match, SMS 123#1#456#X#200 to 29028.



Types of bets on Kwikbet Kenya

    1. Single bet placed in the format: GAME1D#PICK#AMOUNT.
    2. Multi bet placed in the format: GAMEID#PICK#GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT.
    3. Double chance (DC) Goal goal (GG) where both teams have a chance to score.
    4. No goal (NG) where no team scores in the match.



How do I withdraw money from Kwikbet Kenya?

    1. You can either make your withdrawals via SMS or through the website.
    2. To withdraw through SMS, simply send ‘WITHDRAW#AMOUNT‘ to 29028.
    3. To make withdrawals via the website, simply login to your Kwikbet Kenya account.
    4.  Click on the ‘withdraw‘ option, fill in the amount you desire to withdraw.
    5.  Click on ‘withdraw now‘.
    6. The amount withdrawn will immediately be credited to your M-PESA account.


What payment methods are accepted on Kwikbet Kenya?

Safaricom M-PESA.



Kwikbet Kenya offers

    1. Upon registration, Kwikbet gives you a bonus that is redeemable upon making deposits and placing bets.
    2. Every deposit to Kwikbet that exceeds KES 200 attracts a bonus of KES 50.
    3. Every referral to Kwikbet attracts a bonus of KES 50.
    4. This is offered only when your referral completes the registration process, makes a deposit, and places a bet.



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How do I refer a friend to Kwikbet Kenya?

To send referrals to your friends to join Kwikbet Kenya, simply SMS ‘Accept#theirphonenumber‘ to 29028.

What is the minimum age for registering with Kwikbet Kenya?

It is strictly forbidden for persons under the age of 18 to use Kwikbet Kenya services.


Is Kwikbet available in other countries?

No, it is only in Kenya.

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