How to place a Jackpot Bet on Sportpesa.

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How to place a Jackpot Bet on Sportpesa.

Step 1:

The Jackpot has 13 pre-selected matches that usually play in the middle of the week.

The cash prize for the Jackpot starts at KSH 10,000,000 and the amount progresses every week whenever we don’t have a winner.

To place a bet on the Jackpot, SMS to 79079 “JP” followed by “#” then the 13 predictions of the pre-selected Jackpot games.

e.g. JP#12121XX1212X1

Note: One does not have to enter the stake since Jackpot amount by default is KSH 100.

Step 2:

You will receive a confirmation message from 79079 showing your Jackpot Bet ID, all the 13 predictions you have made, the bet amount and your SportPesa account balance.

Note: You are a winner when all your 13 predictions match the games outcomes. The Jackpot is equally shared among all the winners. Bonuses are awarded for 10,11, and 12 correct predictions.

You can place as many bets as you wish on the Jackpot and each bet costs KSH 100.

Step 3:

Double Combination bet simply makes it easier to make multiple bets at once instead of repeating the same sequence many times if you wish to place more than one Jackpot (JP) bet via sms.

This allows you to place a bet with two predictions on a single game, on up to 7 games from the listed 13 jackpot games in one bet!

For example, if you wish to make 2 predictions on 3 JP games, you will have made 8 bets in total. i.e. 2^3 (2*2*2=8 JP bets)

e.g. JP#1X#X#2#12#2#X#X#X#X#1#1#2X#1

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