How to Place a Bet on Elitebet Uganda

How to Place a Bet on Elitebet Uganda

How to place a Bet on Elitebet Uganda Online?

  1. Go to our website
  2. Select Login
  3. Enter your phone number and your Elitebet pin
  4. Click BET NOW
  5. Input Stake (Amount you wish to bet with)
  6. Click on Next Normal Bet
  7. Make your selection(s)
  8. Click on Submit or on any ‘Go’ icon
  9. Confirm the Selection(s)
  10. Click on Place Bet.

How to place a bet on Elitebet Uganda via SMS?

The format for placing SMS bets is as follows:

MATCH CODE # Your Selection * Stake (Amount) Example: 6425#1*50 and send to 7997.

For Multibets, join the various selections with a + and then put * Amount at the end Example: 6425#1+2600#2+1850#0*70. For match result bets:

  1. #1 is for the Home team to win and under
  2. #2 is for the Away team to win and over
  3. #0 is for a Draw.

How can I get the matches to bet on my phone directly without going to the internet?

You can get Win-Draw-Win match codes for any of the games they offer by sending an SMS to 7997 with the word CODE or PRICE followed by the name of the team whose match code you want. Example: PRICE JUVENTUS

They will then reply with an SMS with the fixture you want, date and kickoff time, the match codes for the match result and the odds.

How do I place a Full Cover Bet on Elitebet Uganda?

This can only be done on the online platform.

  1. Make your selections of between 3-8 games
  2. Submit
  3. On the bottom left of your screen, the applicable full cover bet (based on the number of selections) will appear for your consideration
  4. Click on the full cover option you want
  5. Select Place Bet

What is the maximum number of games I can put in a Multibet on Elitebet Uganda?

There is no limit on the number of games/events you can place in a Multibet. The only limit we have is that the total odds should not exceed 1,000.


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