Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal

The contest started quite evenly for both sides. Arsenal was 3-1 down at Halftime. The match ended in a total nightmare for the Gunners.

Manchester United 8-2 Arsenal 

In recent years, the English Premier League has been dominated by teams like Manchester City and Liverpool. Punters can make the best betting on sport – features all matches from the entertainment EPL. 


However, during the decade of the 2000s, the dominating teams were Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea. In general, all derbies played between those teams were very close matches where it was virtually impossible to guess who would win it. These are the aspects that make the English Premier League so exciting, and the best betting on sports can be made on it through the 1xBet website. 




An uneven match 

What happened on the 28th of August 2011 was truly impressive and shocking. On that day, Manchester United and Arsenal faced each other in Old Trafford. Both teams were having similar performances during the league up to that moment. However, the result of that match was anything but even. You can install 1xBet apk latest version and wager on all matches played by these fantastic squads. 


The contest started quite evenly for both sides. In general, it seemed that the match would be quite contested. However, in the 22nd minute of the first half, Danny Welbeck scored the first goal for United. Before the end of the first half, things were already 3-0 in United’s favor. However, the match went to half-time being 3-1, as Arsenal managed to get a goal back. Punters can install the latest version of the 1xBet apk in order to enjoy fantastic wagering opportunities on high-profile matches of this kind. 


A catastrophe for Arsenal 

Going to half-time 3-1 down wasn’t that good for Arsenal. However, it wasn’t a catastrophic thing either. Yet, what happened during the second half would be a total nightmare for the Gunners. Eventually, the match ended with a staggering final score of 8-2 in favor of Manchester United. The website can be used at any moment when punters want to place their wagers on the Gunners or the Red Devils. 


The other goalscorers of this historic match were: 


  • Ashley Young; 
  • Wayne Rooney; 
  • Nani; 
  • Park Ji-sung; 
  • Theo Walcott; 
  • and Robin Van Persie. 


Arsenal’s coach of that time Arsène Wenger stated that the game was a humiliation. On the other hand, while Sir Alex Ferguson was indeed happy about what his team obtained, he also empathized with his fellow manager. The Gunners reinforced themselves a lot the weeks after the match. Of course, this was done with the purpose that something like this would never happen again. The 1xBet website is the best online bookmaker to use for wagering on these high-scoring football matches.