Lotto Chonjo Kenya Account Registration and Login

Lotto Chonjo draws are conducted daily. The draws award the following cash prizes; KES 1 million monthly, KES 250,000 weekly, and KES 20,000 daily.

Lotto Chonjo Kenya Account Registration and Login


In brief

    1. This article provides answers to some of the questions you might have about Lotto Chonjo Kenya.
    2. We tell you how to play on Lotto Chonjo, who owns Lotto Chonjo and how to join Lotto Chonjo.
    3. Read on for details about Lotto Chonjo projects, Lotto Chonjo draws, and Lotto Chonjo contacts.
    4. You will also know about the Lotto Chonjo jackpot, Lotto Chonjo paybill, and Lotto Chonjo deposit.


About Lotto Chonjo Kenya

    1. Lotto Chonjo is a registered Lottery in Kenya that hands out various prizes on a weekly and daily basis.
    2. Lotto Chonjo is regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) under license number 0000855.
    3. This lottery is owned and operated by Magnesea Limited.



How to play on Lotto Chonjo Kenya

    1. To play this lottery you need to purchase a ticket via M-PESA.
    2. Go to your M-PESA Menu and select Lipa Na M-PESA
    3. Proceed to pay bill and enter 348869 as the business number.
    4. Enter your phone number as the Account number
    5. The amount required is KES 20 
    6. Enter your M-PESA PIN and send.
    7. You are advised to buy as many tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning.



Kaa Chonjo na Lotto Chonjo

    1. “Kaa Chonjo na Lotto Chonjo” is a slogan for the Lotto Chonjo lottery.
    2. It calls on potential players to be alert, especially in their spare time to seize the money-winning opportunities at Lotto Chonjo



Who owns Lotto Chonjo?

Lotto Chonjo Kenya is owned and operated by Magnesea Limited.



How to join Lotto Chonjo Kenya

    1. There is no online registration on Lotto Chonjo Kenya.
    2. You only need to deposit KES 20 through M-PESA using the steps given above.
    3. You are deemed to have joined Lotto Chonjo Kenya after making a successful deposit.



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Lotto Chonjo Kenya projects

    1. Lotto Chonjo Kenya has taken a proactive approach to challenges facing communities in Kenya.
    2. Their main focus is drought and water scarcity.
    3. Lotto Chonjo has moved to implement projects in water harvesting that include;
        1. Water pans
        2. Tanks
        3. Piping solutions
    4. These projects are set up in arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya.



Lotto Chonjo Kenya tree planting

    1. Lotto Chonjo Kenya is also keen on creating a sustainable environment for all through tree planting.
    2. The elaborate tree planting campaigns are also aligned with Kenya’s target of hitting a 10% forest cover, as included in the Vision 2030.



Lotto Chonjo Kenya draws

    1. Lotto Chonjo draws are conducted daily.
    2. The draws award the following cash prizes to the winners;
        1. KES 1 million monthly
        2. KES 250,000 weekly
        3. KES 20,000 daily
    3. Once you buy a ticket via M-PESA you automatically qualify and participate in these draws.



Lotto Chonjo Kenya Facebook

Click here to access the Lotto Chonjo Facebook page.



Lotto Chonjo Kenya paybill (348869)

The Lotto Chonjo Kenya pay bill number is 348869.



Lotto Chonjo Kenya’s official website

    1. Lotto Chonjo Kenya does not have an official website.
    2. You can only play through your mobile money (M-PESA) account.