Kenyan First Cabinet

Kenyan First Cabinet
Kenyan First Cabinet

Kenyan First Cabinet

Generally, the Cabinet of Kenya is made up of the President, Deputy President, Attorney General and Cabinet Secretaries. The 2010 Constitution of Kenya allows a maximum of 22 ministries. As per this new constitution, a Cabinet Secretary is not a Member of the Kenyan Parliament and has to be vetted by a parliamentary committee before their appointment.

In Chapter 9 and article 152 of the Kenyan new 2010 Constitution;

(1) The Cabinet consists of–

(a) the President;
(b) the Deputy President;
(c) the Attorney-General; and
(d) not fewer than fourteen and not more than twenty-two Cabinet Secretaries.

But as per the old constitution, things were different as ministers were also members of parliament. Currently, nearly most Kenyans are familiar with various Cabinet Secretaries and their dockets. Some of the current Cabinet Secretaries are even more familiar that most citizens boldly relate to their work ethics.

But, how much do you know about the Kenyan first cabinet (the independence cabinet)? Do you know why some of the major streets are called Tom Mboya street, Kenyatta Avenue, James Gishuru road among others? Well some of them were named after Kenyan first prominent ministers in the early 1960’s.

The founding father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta formed the first Kenyan government/cabinet between 1963-1966, the second between 1966-1969, third between 1969-1974 and his last cabinet was between 1974-1978.

The First Cabinet Constituted of:

  1. Prime Minister

Jomo Kenyatta

  1. Minister of Home Affairs

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

  1. Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Thomas J. Mboya

  1. Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Joseph S.Gichuru

  1. Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office

Joseph A.Murumbi

  1. Minister of State for Pan African Affairs

Mbiyu Koinange

  1. Minister of Health and Housing

Dr. Njoroge Mungai

  1. Minister of Education

Joseph D. Otiende

  1. Minister of Agriculture

Bruce McKenzie

  1. Minister of Local Government

Samuel O. Ayodo

  1. Minister of Commerce and Industry

Julius G. Kiano

  1. Minister of Works, Communication, Power

Dawson Mwanyumba

  1. Minister of Labour and Social Services

Eluid Mwendwa

  1. Minister of Natural Resources

Laurance Sagini

  1. Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism

Ramogi Ochieng Oneko

  1. Minister of Lands and Settlement

Jackson H. Angaine


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