I was baffled and perplexed by the USA travel ban, Amos Wako speaks

Former Attorney general Amos Wako. [Photo/File]

I was baffled and perplexed by the USA travel ban, Amos Wako speaks

Busia Senator and former Attorney General Amos Wako has hit back at the United States of America for tarnishing his name in the recent travel ban that was issued to him, his wife and son.

Speaking from the Parliament building on Wednesday afternoon after a trip to Kampala Wako challenged the USA directive with a four-point statement.

Wako said the ban from the US government came as a surprise to him since for 8 years he has been serving as a Senator and not even once has he been charged for corruption.

“I was baffled and perplexed when out of the blue without any notification whatsoever or without being given the fundamental right of being heard on any allegation against me, the travel ban was announced on 18 November 2019 when I was on an important meeting,” said Wako.

“I retired as the Attorney General of Kenya after slightly more than 20 years of service on August 27, 2011. For 8 years have not been a member of the executive and the good people of Busia have twice given me the honour to serve them as their Senator,” said Wako.

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“I have not been mentioned, suspected, investigated nor prosecuted in connection with corruption on contrary I have been a witness to a number of Anglo Leasing cases being executed before the court of law in recent days,” he added.

Wako further challenged the USA saying the allegation that he was involved in significant corruption is an old story being resuscitated by his enemies who are out to finish him.

Wako also said as an individual and Kenyans as a whole they are entitled to full disclosure on the general allegation of corruption against him since if not well elaborated they can turn defamatory.