How to register on Dukkapu.

Dukkapu is the ideal online retail destination offering a wide range of household items and brands.

We guarantee our customers a better, cheaper, faster and different shopping experience. In addition, we conveniently provide delivery services for our shoppers and ensure that the supermarket is only a click away from them.

Dukkapu team strives to provide professional and quality services to our shoppers and ensure they get value for their money.They encourage feedback from our customers which they highly value as it greatly contributes towards Dukkapu constantly improving our services to meet the shoppers needs.

Register and join them on this journey of providing the best online shopping experience that is affordable, convenient and enjoyable.

1. How do I register on Dukkapu?

  • Click on ‘Register’ located on the top right section of the Dukkapu homepage, fill in the necessary details, select ‘Agree on the Privacy Policy’ and click ‘Confirm’.

2. How do I search for/find products on Dukkapu? 

  • To find goods/products you desire, you can check the various Categories and Sub Categories listed on the homepage.
  • If looking for specific goods/products, you can use the search engine to search for items by name, brand or categories.

3. How do I place an order/shop on Dukkapu?

  • Once you have found goods/products that you desire, you can add them to your shopping cart by selecting ‘Add to Cart’. Thereafter, click on ‘Shopping Cart’ at the top right of the page and select view cart to confirm whether all the goods/products you desire are on your shopping cart.
  • In view cart, you can either add or reduce the quantity of each good/product as you would wish to purchase. You can also remove goods/products that you had previously added to your shopping cart which you do not wish to purchase. If you wish to add more goods/products at this point, select ‘Continue Shopping’ to take you back to the homepage. If you are satisfied with your shopping cart, select ‘Checkout’ which will direct you to the checkout page to complete your order.
  • If you do not wish to view goods/products on your shopping cart, you can select ‘Checkout’ once you click on ‘Shopping Cart’ at the top right of the page, which will direct you to the checkout page to complete your order.