Betwinner Nigeria Account & App Registration and Login

Upon registration, Betwinner Nigeria gives you a 100% bonus on your deposit up to a limit of ₦100,000!

Betwinner Nigeria Account & App Registration and Login


Click here to register on Betwinner Nigeria for free.


Click here to login to Betwinner Nigeria

In brief

    1. This article shares information about Betwinner Nigeria registration and Betwinner Nigeria login.
    2. We tell you about the Betwinner Nigeria App download, Betwinner Nigeria affiliates, and Betwinner Nigeria promo code.
    3. Read on for details on Betwinner Nigeria contacts, Betwinner Nigeria advance bet, and how to become a Betwinner Nigeria agent.
    4. Learn more about Betwinner Nigeria bonus, Betwinner Nigeria booking code, and Betwinner Nigeria bet slip check.
    5. We also tell you about Betwinner Nigeria casino, Betwinner Nigeria deposit, and Betwinner Nigeria bet builder.
    6. Find out information about Betwinner Nigeria Esports and Betwinner Nigeria Thursday bonus.



About Betwinner Nigeria


Click here to register on Betwinner Nigeria

    1. Betwinner Nigeria is operated and owned by Advanced Hospitality Ltd. with an office located in Lagos.
    2. The online site operates on a license from both the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and an e-gaming license from Curacao.
    3. Both these licenses bring a lot of credibility to the site and you can be assured that it is a trustworthy site to play on!
    4. Betwinner Nigeria has sports betting, live betting, and Esports.


Betwinner Nigeria App download

Click here to download Betwinner Nigeria Android and iOS mobile Apps.




Betwinner Nigeria login

Logging in to your Betwinner Nigeria account is simple. You only need the following;

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet connection
    3. Your login details are your phone number/email and password.
    4. Click here to login to Betwinner Nigeria



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Betwinner Nigeria registration

Click here to register on Betwinner Nigeria for free.

    1. Click the yellow button “Register” at the top
    2. Enter your personal details and choose username and password
    3. Click on Register
    4. Your account is now ready and you can enjoy betting.


Betwinner Nigeria promo code

    1. Place bets on Betwinner Nigeria and collect bonus points.
    2. You can then exchange the bonus points for a promo code
    3. Win on the different opportunities by Betwinner.
    4. Learn more about the Betwinner Nigeria promo code store.



Betwinner Nigeria affiliate program

    1. Betwinner Nigeria has a partnership that awards commissions if you refer new customers to them.
    2. Contact Betwinner Nigeria affiliates through: 
    3. You will get details on joining and the commissions offered for referrals.





How to become a Betwinner Nigeria agent

    1. Betwinner Nigeria helps people set up a successful business under its brand.
    2. You can become a Betwinner Nigeria agent to serve its customers and earn income in the process.
    3. An agent receives the player’s money and deposits it into their accounts.
    4. Click here to become a Betwinner Nigeria agent.



What is an advance bet on Betwinner Nigeria?

    1. An advance bet is where a betting company provides customers with advance funds to place bets on a large number of sports events.
    2. The available Advancebet amount can be viewed on your Bet Slip.
    3. Click on the “Find out” button opposite “Available Advancebet” and you will see the funds available as an Advance bet.
    4. Advance bets can be placed either on Live or on sports events that are due to start within 48 hours.



Betwinner Nigeria booking code

    1. A booking code is a unique code generated from the Betwinner Nigeria bet slip after making selections.
    2. It helps you to book or transfer a bet.
    3. With the booking code, you can still place your bet at a later time.
    4. You can share your Betwinner Nigeria booking code with your friend to place a bet.
    5. To book your bet scroll to the bottom of your bet slip and click on Save bet slip.
    6. To load your booking code scroll to the bottom of the bet slip and click load bet slip.


Betwinner Nigeria bet slip check (coupon check)

    1. Login to your Betwinner Nigeria account to do a bet slip check
    2. Click on the bet slip to view your selections
    3. You can also click on “Open bets” to see your bets in progress.



Betwinner Nigeria bonus conditions

Betwinner Nigeria welcome bonus

    1. Betwinner Nigeria offers a welcome bonus for new players signing up for the site.
    2. All you need to do is to create an account and make a deposit.
    3. You will get a welcome bonus that is matched 100% to your deposit up to a limit of ₦100,000!


Betwinner Nigeria Thursday deposit bonus

    1. If you deposit a minimum of 10 Euros (or equivalent amount) on a Thursday, you will get a 100% bonus on the deposit.
    2. The bonus is available every Thursday from 0000hours to 2359hours.
    3. The bonus is applicable for pre-match and live bets, not system bets.



How to bet on Betwinner Nigeria

Use this simple guide to play both Betwinner Nigeria live bets and pre-match bets.

    1. Login to your Betwinner Nigeria account
    2. Select the category you want to place bets in, for example, Sports or Live
    3. Click the odds which correspond with your prediction on the game you want
    4. Review your selections on the bet slip
    5. Enter your stake and place your bet.




Betwinner Nigeria bet builder

Betwinner Nigeria does not have a bet builder feature.



Betwinner Nigeria code coverter

    1. A code converter is software that allows you to place a bet using a booking code from another betting website.
    2. Use the steps given above to get a booking code.
    3. Go to any code converter sites online and sign in (search code converter on Google)
    4. Enter the booking code you wish to convert
    5. Provide the site from which you want to convert the code from, as well as the new site where you want to place a bet.
    6. Click on the “Convert” button then proceed to “See conversion”
    7. Copy your new booking code and enter it into your chosen new site to place a bet.


Betwinner Nigeria casino

Betwinner Nigeria does not have a casino.


Betwinner Nigeria contacts

    1. Forward general inquires to:
    2. Security issues should be sent to:
    3. For financial assistance contact:
    4. Forward Betwinner Nigeria complaints to:
    5. Click here for the Betwinner Nigeria live chat


Betwinner Nigeria cash out

    1. Betwinner Nigeria does not have cash out, but it has a bet slip sale option.
    2. Under this offer, you can sell the bet slip back to the company and recover the money you spent.
    3. Bet slip sale is impossible if the bet has already been settled.
    4. Bet slip sale is also impossible if one or more outcomes on your bet have been blocked.


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Betwinner countries

    1. BETWINNER DR Congo
    2. BETWINNER Cameroon
    3. BETWINNER Botswana
    4. BETWINNER Malawi
    5. BETWINNER Rwanda
    6. BETWINNER Uganda
    7. BETWINNER Kenya
    8. BETWINNER Ghana



Betwinner Nigeria correct score

    1. Betwinner Nigeria has a correct score offer under the Nil-Nil draw promotion.
    2. Login to your account and place a single home or away win bet.
    3. If the game ends 0-0 at halftime you earn a bonus.




Betwinner Nigeria deposit methods

    1. Visa
    2. MasterCard
    3. Internet Banking through Alat and GTB
    4. Bank Transfer through First Ban, GTB, Sterling Bank, and Zenith Bank.



Betwinner Nigeria deposit

Follow the following steps to deposit on Betwinner Nigeria:

    1. Go to My Account
    2. Find the “deposit” button
    3. Choose your payment methods
    4. Enter the amount you want to deposit
    5. Click on “deposit”


Betwinner Nigeria desktop version

Click here for the Betwinner Nigeria desktop version.




How to delete your Betwinner Nigeria account

You can delete your Betwinner Nigeria account by contacting support using the live chat.


Betwinner Nigeria Esports

    1. Betwinner Nigeria ESPORTS section was created to extend the playing experience
    2. ESPORTS is also a means to earn more on Betwinner Nigeria.
    3. Betwinner Nigeria ESPORTS includes games like;
      1. Call of duty
      2. Age of Empires
      3. Dota 2

Visit the Betwinner Nigeria website to play ESPORTS. Find it on the left pane of the page.



Betwinner Nigeria football

    1. Betwinner Nigeria features numerous football games on a daily basis. Some of the popular leagues include;
        1. UEFA Champions League
        2. English Premier League
        3. Serie A
        4. La Liga
        5. League 1
    2. Login to your account and place bets on Betwinner Nigeria football.



Is Betwinner Nigeria legit

Yes, Betwinner is a legal and licensed site in Nigeria.



How Betwinner Nigeria works

    1. Betwinner Nigeria is a fully online sportsbook that can be accessed using a smartphone/computer.
    2. With good internet access, you can access the
    3. Betwinner Nigeria official website where you login to either deposit/withdraw/place bets.
    4. The various betting options are displayed at the top of the page.


Betwinner Nigeria Handicap

    1. Handicap is a betting market that has enhanced competitiveness.
    2. It takes into account additional victory, above the normal win in a game
    3. For example, if Liverpool is playing at home against Norwich, you might bet on Liverpool to win by a 3-goal margin.
    4. This means that Liverpool not only wins the match but scores 3 more goals than Norwich.
    5. Handicap exists to attract more money and enhance the thrill of betting.




How to Withdraw from Betwinner Nigeria

Use the following steps to withdraw your Betwinner Nigeria winnings;

    1. Login to your Betwinner Nigeria account
    2. Find the “withdrawal” button
    3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
    4. Click on “Withdraw”



How to rebet on Betwinner Nigeria

    1. Rebet is a feature that allows you to quickly reload open selections and place a bet again.
    2. Login to your account to rebet
    3. Go to “My Bets”
    4. Find the active bet that you want to rebet on the Bet History
    5. Go to the “Ticket/bet Details” page by clicking on the desired ticket.
    6. Click on the green “Rebet” button.



Betwinner Nigeria maximum stake

The maximum stake is determined by the bookmaker for each selection separately. Maximum stake limits vary by sport and event.

Betwinner Nigeria minimum withdrawal amount (1.50 USD)

Betwinner Nigeria minimum withdrawal amount is 1.50 USD.



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Betwinner Nigeria Maximum payout (65,000 Euros)

The Betwinner Nigeria maximum return is 65,000 Euros or an equivalent amount.



How can I reset Betwinner Nigeria password?

    1. To retrieve your password, please click on “Forgot Password?” below the login area.
    2. If you have forgotten your username, please contact Betwinner Nigeria.



Sports available on Betwinner Nigeria

    1. Football
    2. Tennis
    3. Basketball
    4. Ice Hockey
    5. Volleyball
    6. Table tennis
    7. Badminton
    8. Handball
    9. ESPORTS
    10. Cricket
    11. Snooker
    12. Greyhound racing
    13. e-sports American football
    14. Horseracing

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