Scorepesa Kenya Account Registration and Login

Once you register a Scorepesa Kenya account, you get KES 2,000 as welcome bonus.

How to register and bet on Scorepesa Kenya - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on Scorepesa Kenya - Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

Scorepesa Kenya Account Registration and Login


Click here to register on Scorepesa Kenya


Click here to login on Scorepesa Kenya



In brief

    1. This article gives information about Scorepesa Kenya registration and Scorepesa Kenya login.
    2. We tell you about Scorepesa Kenya App, Scorepesa Kenya jackpot bonus and Scorepesa Kenya bets.
    3. Read on for Scorepesa Kenya customer care details, Scorepesa Kenya bonus and Scorepesa Kenya cash out.
    4. The article further touches on Scorepesa Kenya casino, Scorepesa Kenya deposit and Scorepesa Kenya free bet.
    5. We also give you details on Scorepesa Kenya maximum payout and withdrawal, as well as Scorepesa Kenya minimum stake.
    6. Find details on Scorepesa Kenya Karibu bonus, Scorepesa Kenya bet history and Scorepesa Kenya games.

About Scorepesa Kenya


Click here to register on Scorepesa Kenya


    1. Scorepesa Kenya is an online bookmaker operated by Betwin Limited.
    2. Scorepesa Kenya is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) under license number 0000329.
    3. Scorepesa Kenya has sports betting and ESPORTS.

Scorepesa Kenya login

Logging in to your Scorepesa Kenya account is equally simple. You need the following;

    1. A smartphone or computer.
    2. Good internet connection.
    3. Your login details which are your registered mobile number and password.
    4. Click here to login on Scorepesa Kenya


Scorepesa Kenya App download (Scorepesa Kenya Apk)

    1. Click here to download the Scorepesa Kenya mobile App.
    2. You might be prompted to select where the file will be saved on your gadget. Once done, click on the Save button. Your download should start immediately.
    3. Locate this application on your app tray and click on its gear icon.
    4. Scroll down and click on Security settings. Enable it and don’t forget to disable it after you are through with this procedure.
    5. Go to your download folder, locate the downloaded file, and click on it.
    6. Go through every permission, make sure you are comfortable with them, and tap on the Install button. Be patient as your phone installs the application.



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Scorepesa Kenya registration


Register on Scorepesa Kenya online

    1. Click here to register on Scorepesa Kenya
    2. Input the Mobile Number you wish to use
    3. Enter your preferred password
    4. Confirm your preferred password
    5. Accept Scorepesa Kenya Terms and Conditions
    6. Confirm that you are over 18 years of Age
    7. Lastly, click on the ‘REGISTER’ button that appears below
    8. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number
    9. Enter your number and the verification code to verify your account
    10. Your Scorepesa Kenya account will be successfully created.

Register on Scorepesa Kenya via SMS 29008

To register on Scorepesa Kenya via SMS, Send a text message with the word ‘REGISTER’ to 29008.



Scorepesa Kenya results (Scorepesa Kenya livescore)

Scorepesa Kenya does not have a designated results section.



Scorepesa Kenya jackpot bonus

    1. Scorepesa Mega Milli jackpot has bonuses for players who get at least 14 games correct.
    2. Scorepesa Kenya midweek jackpot has bonuses for players who get at least 10 games correct.



Scorepesa Kenya bonus (Scorepesa Kenya karibu bonus)

    1.  Once you register a Scorepesa Kenya account, you get KES 2,000 as welcome bonus.
    2. This welcome bonus is redeemed in bits.
    3. To qualify for the bonus you need to register and deposit at least KES 20.
    4. The bonus is used to automatically refund 10% of the stake you use in each bet.
    5. The refunds continue until your KES 2,000 is depleted.
    6. To get a 10% stake refund from the bonus, you must place a bet with 10 odds and above.
    7. The refund comes in regardless of the status of the bet.



Scorepesa Kenya bets 

Follow these simple steps on how to play on Scorepesa Kenya;

    1. Click here to login on Scorepesa Kenya
    2. Select the sport or category you want place bets on.
    3. Make your selections by clicking on the odds which match with your prediction in a given match.
    4. Go to the bet slip where your selections are displayed and review them.
    5. Once satisfied that your bets are correctly entered, input your stake amount and place the bet.



Scorepesa Kenya bonus withdrawal

    1. You cannot withdraw the KES 2,000 Karibu bonus.
    2. You must place bets first to receive the stake refund.
    3. The stake refund is terms of cash, which means you can either wager on it or withdraw if it is above KES 50.



Scorepesa Kenya Cash out

Scorepesa Kenya does not have cash out.



Scorepesa Kenya customer care (0111 013 100)

The following are Scorepesa Kenya contacts;

    1. Scorepesa Kenya helpline: 0111 013 100 or 0705 290 080
    2. Scorepesa WhatsApp/SMS: 0101 290 080
    3. Click here for Scorepesa Kenya live chat.
    4. Click here for Scorepesa Kenya Facebook.
    5. Click here for Scorepesa Kenya Twitter.
    6. Click here for Scorepesa Kenya Instagram.


Scorepesa Kenya casino

Scorepesa Kenya does not have casino.



Scorepesa Kenya deposit (M-PESA paybill number 290080)

1. Go to MPESA on your phone and select “Lipa Na MPESA.”
2. Select “Pay Bill”
3. Select “Enter Business No.”
4. Key in 290080 as the Business Number and Click “OK”
5. Select “Account no.”
6. Key in Scorepesa as the Account no. and Click “OK”
7. Key in the amount you wish to top up, e.g., 20 and click “OK.”
8. Proceed to specify your MPESA PIN and Click “OK.”
9. Confirm your transaction
10. Your SCOREPESA Account will be successfully credited with the specified amount.



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Scorepesa Kenya deposit charges

Charges incurred are those instituted by the mobile money operator, M-PESA in this case.



Scorepesa Kenya daily jackpot

Scorepesa Kenya does not have a daily jackpot, only midweek and Mega Milli Jackpot.



Scorepesa Kenya free bet

Scorepesa Kenya does not currently offer free bets.



Scorepesa Kenya games 

    1. Scorepesa Kenya features many different games daily for players to bet on.
    2. You can access the games by simply visiting the Scorepesa Kenya website.
    3. View the highlighted games or choose your preferred category from the left side menu.
    4. You can also pick Scorepesa Kenya Game IDs which are displayed together with the games on the site.





Scorepesa Kenya live games (Scorepesa Kenya live betting)

    1. Scorepesa Kenya does not have live games.
    2. Live betting on Scorepesa Kenya is coming soon.

Scorepesa Kenya home

Click here to access the Scorepesa Kenya homepage.



Scorepesa Kenya bet history (My bets)

    1. You can check the status and progress of your bets at any time on Scorepesa Kenya.
    2. Login to your account and proceed to the “My bets” section to check.



Scorepesa Kenya jackpot

Scorepesa has the following jackpots;

    1. Mega Milli jackpot (17 games stake price is KES 99)
    2. Mid-week jackpot (13 games)
    3. Click here to play Scorepesa Kenya jackpots.




Scorepesa Kenya league

    1. Scorepesa Kenya has a virtual league section which has mimicked teams like Manchester United, Brentford.
    2. These sections contained simulated sports events which mirror the real tournaments.
    3. Visit Scorepesa Kenya website to access the virtual games.
    4. Click on the League button then choose your preferred category.
    5. This section also features a Gold Jackpot which has prizes as high as KES 51,000.



Scorepesa Kenya minimum stake (KES 49)

The Scorepesa Kenya minimum stake amount for both single and multi bets is KES 49.



Scorepesa Kenya maximum stake (KES 20,000)

The Scorepesa Kenya maximum stake amount for both single and multi bets is KES 20,000.



Scorepesa Kenya maximum payout/withdrawal (KES 70,000)

The Scorepesa Kenya Maximum withdrawal amount per customer per day is limited to KES 70,000.



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Scorepesa Kenya numbers

Scorepesa Kenya does not have numbers games.



How to check your Scorepesa Kenya account balance via SMS Number 29008

To check your Scorepesa Kenya account balance via SMS, simply send the word ‘BALANCE’ to 29008.

How to bet on Scorepesa Kenya

    1. You may bet via any channel provided by ScorePesa, including WEB, USSD, SMS, or the ScorePesa App.
    2. You may subscribe to receive SMS messages with upcoming games by sending the word FOOTBALL to 29008.
    3. Once you receive the games, follow the example provided to place a bet via SMS. The general format is ID#PICK#STAKE
    4. The Games will also be listed on the Scorepesa Kenya website from where you can visit and bet online.


Scorepesa Kenya SMS Betting shortcuts

    1. 3 Way, Single match; ID#PICK#AMOUNT
    2. 3 Way, Multiple games; ID1#PICK1#ID2#PICK2#ID3#PICK3#….#STAKE
    3. Double Chance (DC); Prefix DC, e.g., DC12, DC1X, DCX2
    4. Both Teams to Score; Prefix GG (True), NG (False)
    5. Totals Over & Under; Prexix OV25 – For over 2.5, OV35 -For over 3.5 and UN25 for under 2.5




How to withdraw funds from your Scorepesa Kenya account via SMS Number 29008

    1. SMS W#AMOUNT to 29008.
    2. You can still login and use the withdrawal link for online withdrawals.
    3. Respective withdrawal charges apply.

Who owns Scorepesa Kenya?

Scorepesa Kenya is owned by Betwin Limited.




How to reset Scorepesa Kenya password

If you have forgotten your Scorepesa Kenya password, follow the procedure below to reset your password:

    1. Visit the Scorepesa Kenya website.
    2. Enter the phone number you registered with and click ‘RESET’.
    3. A code will be sent to your phone.
    4. Input the code, and then you can go ahead and input your new password.



What payment methods are accepted on Scorepesa Kenya?

Safaricom M-PESA.



Sports available on Scorepesa Kenya

    1. Soccer
    2. Tennis
    3. Ice hockey
    4. Handball
    5. Volleyball
    6. Basketball
    7. Badminton
    8. Rugby
    9. Cricket
    10. Table tennis




Is Scorepesa available in other countries?

Scorepesa is only available in Kenya.

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