PremierBet Chad Account & App Registration and Login

PremierBet Chad has a multi-bet bonus where you can win up to 750% more to your winnings.

How to register and bet on Premier Bet Chad - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on Premier Bet Chad - Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

PremierBet Chad Account & App Registration and Login


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In brief

    1. This article shares information about PremierBet Chad registration and PremierBet Chad login.
    2. We tell you about the PremierBet Chad zone, PremierBet Chad Apk (App download), and PremierBet Chad affiliate.
    3. Read on for details on PremierBet Chad cash, PremierBet Chad casino, and PremierBet Chad mega list.
    4. The article further touches on how to play on PremierBet Chad, PremierBet Chad lotto results, and PremierBet Chad free bet.
    5. We also tell you about PremierBet Chad handicap, PremierBet Chad double chance, and PremierBet Chad deposit.



About PremierBet Chad


Click here to register on PremierBet Chad


    1. PremierBet has grown into a popular online betting company in the Chad market.
    2. PremierBet Chad has sports betting, virtual, and casino.
    3. Live betting is also available on PremierBet Chad.
    4. PremierBet Chad is licensed by de l’Agence nationale des investissements et exportations du Tchad.
    5. The following is a review of how PremierBet Chad works.



PremierBet Chad registration

The following is an easy guide on how to create a PremierBet Chad account;

    1. Click here to register on PremierBet Chad
    2. Click on the ‘Register’ button and fill in the registration form with the required details. Once submitted, you will receive a welcome email.
    3. You can then fund your account in PremierBet according to the instructions in the member’s area.
    4. Your funds are credited instantly into your player account and you can start betting immediately.



PremierBet Chad login

Logging in to your PremierBet Chad account is very easy. You need the following;

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Good internet
    3. Your login details are your username/phone number and password.
    4. Click here to login to Premier Bet Chad


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PremierBet Chad zone

    1. PremierBet Chad Zone is a platform where you can book your bets before placing them at a PremierBet Chad shop.
    2. Visit the PremierBet Chad zone
    3. Make your selections by clicking on match odds that match your predicted result
    4. Go to the bet slip and book your bet.
    5. A shop code will be generated for you.
    6. Take this code to the nearest retailer/shop to have your bet placed.



PremierBet Chad Apk (App download)

    1. PremierBet Chad mobile App is available for users.
    2. Click here to download the PremierBet Chad mobile App.



PremierBet Chad affiliate

      1. PremierBet Chad has an affiliate program where you can earn more money from referrals.
      2. Under the program, you will be given a special link with which you will register new customers.
      3. PremierBet Chad will then share with you a percentage of the revenue obtained from every customer you refer.
      4. You will receive 30% of the revenue for the first 90 days and 10% thereon.
      5. Click here to join the PremierBet Chad affiliate program.

PremierBet Chad cash (PremierBet Chad shops)

    1. Cash is one of the methods by which you can withdraw from PremierBet Chad.
    2. Visit a PremierBet Chad betting shop near you to get assistance with cash withdrawals.
    3. PremierBet Chad has shops/branches across the country in various states.
    4. PremierBet Chad has a list of all these shops with their physical addresses.
    5. Click here to view and find a PremierBet Chad shop near you.



PremierBet Chad casino

    1. PremierBet Chad has an attractive Vegas section where you can play many casino games.
    2. The game categories available include table games, scratch games, and jackpot games.
    3. Among the popular games are;
        1. Aviator
        2. Roulette
        3. Big top bonanza
        4. Book of the fallen
        5. 3D European Roulette
        6. Total Overdrive
        7. Joker Expand
        8. Thunder Reels
        9. Solar Queen
    4. Click here to play the PremierBet Chad casino games.



PremierBet Chad double chance

    1. Double chance is a betting market available on PremierBet Chad.
    2. Under double chance you can predict either of the following results;
        1. Home team or away team to win (1/2)
        2. Home team to win or draw (1/X)
        3. Draw or Away team to win  (X/2)


PremierBet Chad results

    1. PremierBet displays results of both finished and ongoing  matches (livescore)
    2. The results are found under the Statistics tab.
    3. Visit the PremierBet Chad website.
    4. Click on the Statistics button on the Statistics button at the top menu.



PremierBet Chad mega list (fixtures)

    1. PremierBet Chad features many different games daily for players to bet on.
    2. You can access the games by simply visiting the PremierBet Chad website.
    3. Click on Sports and choose your preferred category from the left side menu.
    4. Click here to download the PremierBet Chad daily long list of fixtures.



PremierBet Chad e-wallet

    1. The PremierBet e-wallet is simply your online account on PremierBet Chad.
    2. It is from this account that you can do deposit and withdrawal transactions.
    3. Login to your account and go to Balance to access your e-wallet.



PremierBet Chad lotto 

    1. You can play lottery games on PremierBet Chad and stand a chance to win big money.
    2. Some of the categories include
        1. instant lotto
        2. Lucky loot
        3. Scratch cards
    3. Click to participate in PremierBet Chad lotto draws.


PremierBet Chad free bet

    1. Customers can join the PremierBet Chad Loyalty Club and get up to 5 000F CFA in weekly rewards.
    2. Members must opt-in to take part in this offer.
    3. The amount for Free Bets is based on how much you bet in the previous week.
    4. The following are the rates applied for PremierBet Chad’s weekly free bet;
        1. Stake 1 000F CFA – 5 000F CFA during the week and get a 50F CFA Free Bet
        2. Stake 5 000F CFA – 25 000F CFA during the week and get a 250F CFA Free Bet.
        3. Stake 25 000F CFA – 50 000F CFA during the week and get a 2 500F CFA Free Bet
        4. Stake 50 000F CFA + during the week and get a 5 000F CFA Free Bet.


PremierBet Chad handicap

    1. A handicap is one among the many markets offered for events and matches on PremierBet Chad.
    2. A handicap is an extra margin of victory placed on the stronger team in a game.
    3. For example, if it is almost obvious that Team A will beat B, it is advisable to go for a handicap bet.
    4. For example, a handicap bet could be that Team A would not only win but also win by 3 goals more.
    5. Handicap bets on PremierBet Chad attract more money and excitement in betting.


PremierBet Chad homepage

Click here to access the PremierBet Chad homepage/website.



PremierBet Chad bonus

    1. PremierBet Chad has a multi-bet bonus where you can win up to 750% more to your winnings.
    2. For a minimum of 3 selections on your bet slip, you get a 3% bonus.
    3. The bonus amount increases with each selection/game you add to your bet slip.
    4. Each of the games on your multi-bet (combi-bet) should have at least 1.20 odds.


PremierBet Chad deposit

    1. Simply login to your PremierBet Chad account
    2. Click on DEPOSIT and choose your preferred payment method
    3. Enter your deposit amount
    4. Enter your phone number
    5. Click on the Next Step button.
    6. You’ll be redirected to a confirmation page, and then after 10 seconds, you will be redirected to the website’s homepage.
    7. If this is successful, the money is credited to your account and you can bet immediately.


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PremierBet Chad withdrawal

    1. Log in to your PremierBet Chad account.
    2. Click Withdrawal
    3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
    4. Select your preferred withdrawal option.
    5. Click Withdraw, then PROCESS PAYMENT
    6. Your withdrawal is processed automatically and can be found in your profile in the My Profile / Financial tab.



PremierBet Chad jackpot

    1. The Premierbet Chad jackpot is weekly (weekend) and features 12 legs.
    2. This means a punter must accurately predict the outcome of 12 games, denoting whether the game will end in a win for the home team (H), the contest ends in a draw (X) or the away team (A) will triumph.
    3. If a chosen fixture is postponed, abandoned, or not completed the Jackpot will be voided within 48 hours from the kick-off time.


PremierBet Chad contacts (+235 68 56 26 56)

    1. PremierBet Chad helpline: +235 68 56 26 56 OR +235 69 03 90 54
    2. Click here for the PremierBet Chad Facebook page.
    3. Click here for the PremierBet Chad Twitter page.
    4. Click here for the PremierBet Chad Instagram page.

How to bet on PremierBet Chad

PremierBet Chad Pre-match betting

    1. Go to the PremierBet Chad homepage
    2. Select the sport you want to bet on, from the sub-menu
    3. Choose the type of matches you would like to bet on
    4. Select the country & League you are interested in
    5. Choose the betting category you would like
    6. Select the betting odd you prefer
    7. Go to your Bet Slip
    8. Place your bets

Premier Bet Chad live betting

    1. Go to the PremierBet Chad homepage.
    2. Select the sport you want to bet on, from the sub-menu
    3. Choose the ‘Live Now’ Category of betsinstruction-image
    4. Select the country you are interested in
    5. Select the league you are interested in
    6. Choose the betting category you would like
    7. Select the betting odd you prefer
    8. Go to your Bet Slip
    9. Place your bets


PremierBet Chad forgotten password

    1. Click on the login button
    2. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button
    3. Enter your email
    4. Go to your inbox and click on the latest email received from Premier Bet
    5. Click on the link and enter your new password



What is the minimum age for participation on PremierBet Chad?

Betting is strictly restricted to persons who have not attained the legal age.



What are the payment methods accepted on PremierBet Chad?

    1. Voucher
    2. Moov Money
    3. Mastercard
    4. Visa
    5. Instant Bills Pay
    6. United Bank of Africa (UBA)



PremierBet Chad maximum winnings (50,000,000F CFA)

PremierBet Chad maximum winnings per bet is 50,000,000F CFA.



PremierBet Chad maximum payout (140 000 000F CFA)

PremierBet Chad’s maximum payout per customer per day is 140 000 000F CFA.



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Sports available on PremierBet Chad

    1. Football
    2. Basketball
    3. Tennis
    4. Volleyball
    5. Handball
    6. Table tennis
    7. Cricket
    8. Rugby
    9. Baseball
    10. Formula 1
    11. American football
    12. Darts
    13. Counterstrike
    14. Ice hockey
    15. Futsal
    16. Aussie rules
    17. Badminton
    18. Snooker
    19. Boxing
    20. MMA
    21. Waterpolo
    22. E-SOCCER
    23. Gaelic hurling
    24. Gaelic football
    25. Lacrosse



PremierBet is also available in the following countries;

    1. PremierBet Uganda
    2. PremierBet Nigeria
    3. PremierBet Ghana
    4. PremierBet Rwanda
    5. PremierBet DR Congo
    6. PremierBet Congo
    7. PremierBet Zambia
    8. PremierBet Malawi
    9. PremierBet Angola
    10. PremierBet Mali
    11. PremierBet Senegal
    12. PremierBet Tanzania
    13. PremierBet Mozambique
    14. PremierBet Cameroon
    15. PremierBet Guinea
    16. PremierBet Sierra Leone
    17. PremierBet Liberia
    18. PremierBet Benin
    19. PremierBet Gabon
    20. PremierBet Burkina Faso
    21. PremierBet Togo
    22. PremierBet Côte d’Ivoire
    23. PremierBet Niger

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