Pangabet Kenya Account Registration and Login

Pangabet Kenya is a simply designed betting site with a user-friendly interface, as well as exciting odds.

How to register and bet on PangaBet Kenya - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on PangaBet Kenya - Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

Pangabet Kenya Account Registration and Login


Click here to register on Pangabet Kenya


Click here to login on Pangabet Kenya



In brief

    1. This article shares information about Pangabet Kenya registration and Pangabet Kenya login.
    2. We tell you about Pangabet Kenya free bet, Pangabet Kenya App download and Pangabet Kenya jackpot.
    3. Read on for details on Pangabet Kenya bonus, Pangabet Kenya casino and Pangabet Kenya games.
    4. The article also touches on how to play on Pangabet Kenya, Pangabet Kenya deposit and Pangabet Kenya contacts.
    5. Learn more about Pangabet Kenya cash out and Pangabet Kenya withdrawal.


About Pangabet Kenya


Click here to register on Pangabet Kenya


    1. Pangabet is one of the leading sports and entertainment betting platforms in Kenya.
    2. It is operated by DPM investment Limited, licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), under license number 0000363.
    3. Pangabet Kenya has sports betting and live betting.


Pangabet Kenya registration (Pangabet Kenya sign-up)

Register on Pangabet Kenya online

    1. Click here to register on Pangabet Kenya
    2. Click on the “Join now!” at the top of the page.
    3. Fill in the fields (Phone Number and Password)
    4. Click on the “Create account” button
    5. You will receive a verification SMS which you will use to verify your account
    6. You will receive a confirmation message on successful registration


Register on Pangabet Kenya via SMS Number 29900

    1. Send an SMS with the word Pangabet to 29900.
    2. You will receive a welcome message from Pangabet Kenya.



Pangabet Kenya login

Logging in to you Pangabet Kenya account is the simplest of tasks. You only need the following;

    1. A smartphone or computer.
    2. Good internet connection.
    3. Your Pangabet Kenya login details (Mobile Number and password)
    4. Click here to login on Pangabet Kenya



Pangabet Kenya free bet

Pangabet Kenya does not currently have free bets.



Pangabet Kenya App download

Pangabet Kenya does not have a mobile Application  yet. You can still play on the Pangabet Kenya website.



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Pangabet Kenya jackpot

Pangabet Kenya does not have jackpot yet.



Pangabet Kenya bonus

    1. The Pangabet Kenya promotional section does not currently have any bonus offers.
    2. Keep visiting the Pangabet website and click on Menu to be in the know.



Pangabet Kenya casino

Pangabet Kenya only has a sportsbook, no casino available.



Pangabet Kenya games

    1. Pangabet Kenya features many different games daily for players to bet on.
    2. You can access the games by simply visiting the Pangabet website.
    3. View the highlighted games or choose your preferred category from the top page menu.



Pangabet Kenya deposit (M-PESA Paybill Number 933222)

    1. Go to M-PESA Menu on your Mobile Number
    2. Select Lipa na M-PESA.
    3. Select Pay Bill.
    4. Enter 933222 as the Business Number.
    5. Enter PANGA as the account number.
    6. Enter your deposit amount
    7. Enter your M-PESA PIN and send.
    8. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.



Pangabet Kenya customer care contacts (+254 740 999 333)

You can reach the PangaBet Kenya customer service desk via any of the following options;

    1. Pangabet Kenya Mobile Number: +254 740 999 333
    2. Click here for Pangabet Kenya Facebook page.
    3. Click here for Pangabet Kenya Twitter page.


How to withdraw funds from your Pangabet Kenya account

    1. Login to your Pangabet Kenya account.
    2. Click on the Menu button.
    3. Go to the Wallets option before selecting the Withdraw option.
    4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
    5. Select ‘Confirm’ to Withdraw


How to place bets on Pangabet Kenya

Follow these simple steps on how to play and win on Pangabet Kenya;

    1. Login to your Pangabet Kenya account.
    2. Select the sport or category you want place bets on.
    3. Make your selections by clicking on the odds which match with your prediction in a given match.
    4. Go to the bet slip where your selections are displayed and review them.
    5. Once satisfied that your bets are correctly entered, input your stake amount and place the bet.




How to bet on Pangabet Kenya via SMS Number 29900

If you are aware of the game ID of the current or upcoming match, place your bet by sending a text with the word ‘PANGA‘ to “29900” in the format below;

    1. [Team A Vs Team B] Odds [1(1.1), X (2.2), 2(3.3)]. Send your selection to 29900 in the format: GAME ID#1 or 2 or X#AMOUNT.
    2. GAME ID181 [Verona vs Sampdoria] Odds [1 (2.18), X(2.48), 2(2.85)] Send your selection to “29900” in the format GAMEID#1 or 2 or X#AMOUNT.
    3. Example: 181#2#250.
    4. You will receive a confirmation SMS with your bet details and possible payout/win amount.
    5. There might be a lot of matches and all this information can’t fit into one automated response.
    6. To access more matches and their ODDS, the user will again be required to send the word “PANGA” to “29900” to receive more matches, their ODDS and Game IDs.



Pangabet Kenya cash out

Cash out is not currently available on Pangabet Kenya.


What payment options are accepted on Pangabet Kenya?

Safaricom M-PESA



Pangabet Kenya minimum stake (KES 1)

Pangabet Kenya minimum stake is KES 1.



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Pangabet Kenya maximum stake (KES 30,000)

Pangabet Kenya maximum stake is KES 30,000.



How to reset Pangabet Kenya password

It is possible that at some point you might forget/lose your Pangabet Kenya login password.

Incase that happens do not worry, follow these simple steps to get a new password;

    1. Visit the Pangabet Kenya website.
    2. Click on the Login button.
    3. Click on “Forgot your password?”
    4. Enter your phone number.
    5. Follow the well arranged steps to your new Pangabet Kenya password.



Sports available on Pangabet Kenya

    1. Soccer
    2. Basketball
    3. American football
    4. Ice hockey
    5. Tennis
    6. Rugby
    7. Handball
    8. Volleyball



Is Pangabet available in other countries?

Pangabet is only available in Kenya.