BongoBongo Kenya Account Registration and Login

BongoBongo Kenya has an offer where you can boost your winnings on a multi bet to the tune of 600%.

How to register and bet on Bongo Bongo Kenya - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on Bongo Bongo Kenya - Step by step guide [Photo/]

BongoBongo Kenya Account Registration and Login


Click here to register on BongoBongo Kenya.


Click here to login to BongoBongo Kenya.


In brief

    1. This article shares information you might need about BongoBongo Kenya registration and BongoBongo Kenya login.
    2. We tell you about BongoBongo Kenya App, BongoBongo Kenya casino and BongoBongo Kenya bet bonus.
    3. Read on for information on BongoBongo Kenya free bet, BongoBongo Kenya games and BongoBongo Kenya jackpot.
    4. Find more details about BongoBongo Kenya cash out, BongoBongo Kenya golf and BongoBongo Kenya paybill.
    5. We also tell you how to claim BongoBongo Kenya bonus and withdraw from BongoBongo Kenya.



About BongoBongo Kenya


Click here to register on BongoBongo Kenya.


    1. BongoBongo Kenya is an online betting platform operating in Kenya.
    2. It is operated by Kensen Limited, which is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB).
    3. BongoBongo Kenya has sports betting, casino and virtual games.
    4. BongoBongo Kenya also has live betting.



BongoBongo Kenya bet 

The following guide tells you how to play on BongoBongo Kenya;

    1. Log into your Bongobongo Kenya account.
    2. Go to the category you want to place bets on, for example, soccer or Live bets.
    3. Make your selections by clicking on the odds which match your predicted outcome of an event.
    4. If you want to bet on more than one game, keep selecting different matches/events.
    5. Click on the bet slip to review and ensure your selections are correctly recorded.
    6. Enter your stake amount and click Place Bet to submit your bet.
    7.  You will receive a bet confirmation message.
    8. Click on Bets on the bottom right of the screen to view all placed bets.



BongoBongo Kenya login

Logging in to your BongoBongo Kenya account is a simple exercise online. You only need:

    1. A smartphone or computer
    2. Good internet access
    3. Your login details which are your phone number/username and PIN/password
    4. Click here to login to BongoBongo Kenya.



BongoBongo Kenya App (BongoBongo Kenya Apk)

    1. Click here to download the BongoBongo Kenya Android mobile App.
    2. BongoBongo Kenya iOS App is not yet available.



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BongoBongo Kenya casino

    1. BongoBongo Kenya casino is an impressive collection of table games, slots, spin and win, among other categories.
    2. The BongoBongo Kenya casino has cash prizes in the games which run on a daily basis.
    3. Joining the BongoBongo Kenya casino opens a possibility for you to pocket up to KES 60 million in a month.
    4. European Roulette and Blackjack are among the notable games on BongoBongo Kenya casino.
    5. Click here to register, login and play on BongoBongo Kenya casino.
    6. Tap on the Casino button to play with as low as KES 1.
    7. BongoBongo Kenya casino gives you a 10% weekly cashback on the amount spent on casino bets.



BongoBongo Kenya bet bonus

    1. BongoBongo Kenya has an offer where you can boost your winnings on a multi bet to the tune of 600%.
    2. This offer is called BongoBongo Kenya Winboost Ultra.
    3. The bonus applies to pre-match and live bets.
    4. Your bet slip should have 3 games minimum, with each having at least 1.25 odds.
    5. A maximum  bonus amount awarded is KES 7,000 per bet slip.



BongoBongo Kenya account registration

    1. Click here to register on BongoBongo Kenya.
    2. Click on the join button at the top of the page.
    3. Enter the required registration details: your phone number and password.
    4. Deposit and start placing bets.
    5. Alternatively, Send the word JOIN to 29646 and follow instructions.




BongoBongo Kenya cash out

BongoBongo Kenya does not have cash out.



BongoBongo Kenya free bet

    1. BongoBongo Kenya gives free bets from time to time.
    2. After winning your free bet, however, the free bet amount is deducted and you are given the profit generated by the bet.
    3. Free bets expire if they are not used for 7 days after being given.



BongoBongo Kenya contacts (0111 022 200)

    1. Click here for BongoBongo Kenya Facebook.
    2. BongoBongo Kenya helpline: 0111 022 200 or 0793 480 703.
    3. BongoBongo Kenya email address:
    4. BongoBongo SMS number 29646



BongoBongo Kenya Games 

    1. BongoBongo Kenya Games is a category which stands alongside virtuals, casino and sports.
    2. BongoBongo Games button is located at the top of the page, on the BongoBongo Kenya website.
    3. Click on games to play Spin and Win or Lucky Goal and earn from your winnings.





BongoBongo Kenya Golf

Golf is not available on BongoBongo Kenya.




BongoBongo Kenya jackpot

BongoBongo Kenya has the following jackpots;


    1. BongoBongo Kenya Pick 6

      1. This is a daily jackpot by BongoBongo Kenya with a prize of KES 25,000.
      2. The jackpot is free to play.
      3. In this jackpot you only put correct score predictions of the provided matches.
    2. BongoBongo Kenya 13 Weekend

      1. This jackpot is offered every weekend.
      2. It has 13 games with a prize of KES 2 million.
      3. The stake price for this jackpot is KES 20.
      4. Those who get 10, 11 and 12 games correct out of 13 are given bonuses/consolations.
    3. Click here to play BongoBongo Kenya jackpot.



BongoBongo Kenya jackpot winners

    1. BongoBongo  Kenya Jackpot winners are announced on the BongoBongo Facebook Page.
    2. A link to the BongoBongo Kenya Facebook has been provided above.



BongoBongo Kenya jackpot results

    1. BongoBongo Kenya display the results of the jackpots under the jackpots section.
    2. Click here to get BongoBongo Kenya jackpot results.
    3. A record of BongoBongo Kenya jackpot winners is also kept here.



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BongoBongo Kenya minimum stake (KES 20)

BongoBongo Kenya minimum stake is KES 20.



BongoBongo Kenya paybill 499995 (BongoBongo Kenya deposit)

    1. Go to MPESA menu on your phone.
    2. Click on Lipa Na MPESA and proceed to pay bill.
    3. Enter 499995 as the business number.
    4. Enter your registered phone number as Account Number.
    5. Enter the deposit amount
    6. Finally enter your MPESA PIN and Send.



BongoBongo Kenya deposit online

    1. Click here to login to BongoBongo Kenya.
    2. Go to the Account B-button at the bottom of the screen. You can alternative click balance.
    3. Select  the Deposit option.
    4. Enter the deposit amount.
    5. Click on Deposit.
    6. An MPESA Deposit pop up message will appear through the Phone number you specified.
    7. Enter your MPESA PIN to confirm the deposit.
    8. A Deposit confirmation message will be sent to you.



BongoBongo Kenya Minimum deposit

BongoBongo Kenya minimum deposit is KES 1, while the maximum deposit amount is KES 140,000.



How to claim BongoBongo Kenya bonus

    1. BongoBongo Kenya has a first deposit bonus of 100%.
    2. You have to register in order to claim this bonus.
    3. Register and make a deposit, then place a bet with a minimum of KES 50.
    4. The bet should have 4 games minimum and each game should have at least 1.30 odds.
    5. BongoBongo Kenya will then award you a bonus equal to your stake.
    6. The maximum amount that can be awarded on this bonus is KES 500.



BongoBongo Kenya withdrawal 

    1. Click here to login to BongoBongo Kenya.
    2. Click on the WITHDRAW option.
    3. Specify your withdrawal amount.
    4. Specify the account (Mobile Money) where you want the withdrawal deposited to.
    5. BongoBongo Kenya withdrawals are usually processed within an hour (maximum).



BongoBongo Kenya minimum withdrawal amount (KES 200)

The BongoBongo Kenya minimum withdrawal is KES.200.



BongoBongo Kenya bet limit

BongoBongo Kenya maximum ticket size is set at 30 selections per bet slip.



What are the payment options accepted on BongoBongo Kenya?

Safaricom MPESA.



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BongoBongo Kenya maximum winnings (KES 4,000,000)

BongoBongo Kenya maximum Winnings are set at KES 4,000,000 per user per 24-hour period.



BongoBongo Kenya affiliates

    1. BongoBongo Kenya has an affiliates program where you can earn more money away from betting.
    2. Under this program you earn by referring new users to BongoBongo Kenya.
    3. The commissions offered for referrals go as high as 30%.
    4. Click here to learn more and join BongoBongo Kenya affiliates.

Sports available on BongoBongo Kenya;

    1. Soccer
    2. Basketball
    3. Tennis
    4. Ice hockey
    5. Rugby
    6. Table tennis
    7. Cricket



BongoBongo is also available in the following countries;

    1. BongoBongo Uganda.

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