Betway Mali Account & App Registration and Login

Betway Mali has a welcome bonus where it awards customers a 50% bonus on their first deposits.

How to register and bet on Betway Mali – Step by step guide
How to register and bet on Betway Mali – Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

Betway Mali Account & App Registration and Login


Click here to create a Betway Mali account


Click here to login to Betway Mali


In brief

    1. This article shares information about Betway Mali and Betway Mali login.
    2. We tell you about the Betway Mali Apk download, Betway Mali affiliates, and Betway Mali aviator.
    3. Read on for details on how to bet on Betway Mali, Betway Mali bonus, and Betway Mali deposit bonus.
    4. Learn more about Betway Mali casino, Betway Mali cash out, and Betway Mali deposit methods.
    5. We give you Betway Mali contacts, how to withdraw from Betway Mali, and Betway Mali deposit.
    6. Find information about Betway Mali handicap, Betway Mali Esports, and Betway Mali promo code.



About Betway Mali


Click here to create a Betway Mali account


    1. Betway Mali is licensed by the Mali Gaming Commission.
    2. Betway Mali offers the very best in online sports betting.
    3. It is a global online gambling company with a Sportsbook and Casino



Betway Mali Apk (Betway Mali App download)

    1. Click here to download Betway Mali iOS/iPhone App.
    2. Click here to download Betway Mali Android mobile App.


Betway Registration


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Betway Mali casino

    1. Betway Mali has an impressive casino section that is not only for betting but also entertainment.
    2. There are many casino games you can choose from including Black Jack and Roulette.
    3. Betway Mali has live casino games which you can play and win in real time.
    4. You can access both casino and live casino options at the top of the page on the Betway Mali website.
    5. Sign up to play Casino games at Betway Mali today.



Betway Mali football

    1. Betway Mali features numerous football games on a daily basis. Some of the popular leagues include;
        1. UEFA Champions League
        2. English Premier League
        3. Serie A
        4. La Liga
        5. League 1
    2. Login to your account and place bets on Betway Mali football.



Betway Mali partners (affiliates)

    1. Betway Partners Africa is available on the Betway Mali website.
    2. It deals with referrals of new customers and pays a commission for every new customer brought to the site.
    3. Join or contact the Betway Mali affiliate program by clicking here

Betway Mali aviator

Aviator is not available on Betway Mali.



Betway Mali registration 

Betway Mali registration is a simple process on your phone. Follow these easy steps to register on Betway Mali;

      1. Click here to create a Betway Mali account today.
      2. Enter your mobile number followed by your password.
      3. Enter your first and last name.
      4. Click next and fill in the required information to complete the process.

Note: Please use the mobile number linked to your Mobile Money wallet.

Betway Mali login

You can easily login to your Betway Mali account anytime. You only need the following:

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet connection
    3. Your login details are your mobile number and password.
    4. Click here to login to Betway Mali



Betway Mali age limit

Betway Mali age minimum age requirement is 18 years.



Betway Mali deposit bonus (registration bonus)

    1. Betway Mali has a welcome bonus where it awards customers a 50% bonus on their first deposits.
    2. To get the welcome bonus you have to create a Betway Mali account.



Betway Mali bonus code

Betway Mali does not have a designated promo code for bonuses. Promo codes are given individually by the bookie when required.



Betway Mali cashout

    1. Betway Mali grants cashout requests on limited or selected few events.
    2. The cashout option enables you to take out your winnings earlier, before all events in your bet are concluded, to avoid total losses.
    3. Login to your Betway Mali account and check the bet history to see if your bet is eligible for cash out.



Betway Mali contacts (+223 54 431 5496)

    1. Click here for the Betway Mali live chat.
    2. Betway Mali email:
    3. Betway Mali contact number: +223 54 431 5496
    4. Betway Mali Twitter page: @Betway_ML
    5. Betway Mali Youtube page: Betway Mali
    6. Betway Mali WhatsApp: +223 55 722 2615 or +223 20 930 141


Betway Mali build a bet

    1. Click here to build your bet on Betway Mali
    2. The Build a Bet feature is only available on pre-match events.
    3. Build a Bet is not eligible for Cash-Out.
    4. A minimum of two selections will be allowed with up to a maximum of 10 selections.
    5. Build a Bet cannot be combined with any events and is only available as a single bet.
    6. If any selection within the Build a Bet culminates in a loss, the entire Build a Bet will be a loss.



Betway Mali deposit

    1. Login to your Betway Mali account
    2. When you are logged in to your account, you need to click on My Account.
    3. Go to Deposit Funds.
    4. Here you will be presented with the various deposit methods, such as Tigo, MTN Mobile Money, Airtel, and Vodafone Cash.
    5. Select your preferred deposit method and you will be presented with steps to follow in order to make a successful deposit with Betway Mali.



Betway Mali e-wallet withdrawal

    1. Login to your Betway Mali account
    2. Navigate to and click on My Account, which can be found on Betway’s home page.
    3. Click on the Withdraw option
    4. When the page has loaded you choose which withdrawal method you like to use
    5. Enter the desired amount and click Request Withdrawal.
    6. Your withdrawal will then be processed, and the money will be on the way!



Betway Mali deposit methods

    1. Tigo
    2. MTN Mobile Money
    3. Airtel
    4. Vodafone Cash.



Betway Mali Esports

    1. Betway Mali E-Sports is a simulated experience of real-life tournaments.
    2. The Esports betting markets resemble those of normal matches.
    3. You can play the following games on Betway Mali Esports;
        1. League of Legends
        2. Counter-strike
        3. King of glory
    4. Click here to play Betway Mali Esports.



How to delete your Betway Mali account

    1. Under Betway self-exclusion you can deactivate your account for the following durations;
        1. 24 hours
        2. 48 hours
        3. 72 hours
        4. 7 days
        5. 14 days
        6. 30 days
        7. Indefinite period
    2. Kindly contact Betway Mali customer care for guidelines on the self-exclusion policy.



How to bet on Betway Mali

Click here to easily and quickly place your bet on Betway

    1. Login to your Betway Mali account
    2. Select an event you wish to bet on and simply click the odds price to add to your bet slip.
    3. Enter the amount you wish to stake in your bet slip and the potential returns will be displayed underneath.
    4. If the odds decrease or increase, you must give your consent before you can make the bet.
    5. If you want to combine several markets, just click on the additional odds prices and they’ll be added to your bet slip.
    6. Once you are happy with your selection(s), click on the “Place Bet” button.
    7. You will now see the details of your successfully placed bet.



Betway Mali bet ID Search

    1. Bet ID is a unique code that identifies a specific bet placed on the Betway Mali website.
    2. Login to your account to perform a bet search.
    3. Proceed to the My Account tab in the top right-hand corner.
    4. Click on the My Bets tab.
    5. The Open Bets tab contains the bets which are still to be settled, while the “Settled Bets” has settled bets.


Betway Mali handicap

    1. A handicap is one among the many markets offered for events and matches on Betway Mali.
    2. A handicap is an extra margin of victory placed on the stronger team in a game.
    3. For example, if it is almost obvious that Team A will beat B, it is advisable to go for a handicap bet.
    4. For example, a handicap bet could be that Team A would not only win but also win by 3 goals more.
    5. Handicap bets on Betway Mali attract more money and excitement in betting.



Betway Mali jackpot

    1. Betway Mali provides football jackpots where you can win very high amounts compared to the normal single and multi bets.
    2. To place a jackpot, login to your account and click on “Betway jackpots” at the top of the page.
    3. Make your selections, put your stake, and place your bet.



What are Betway FICA documents?

    1. FICA stands for Financial Intelligence Center Act.
    2. It is a framework for verifying the identity of Betway users in order to facilitate withdrawals and betting.
    3. Simply login to your Betway account and go to the document upload section.
    4. Upload a clear copy of your ID.
    5. It is important to ensure that the details entered during registration match those on your ID card.


What is the Betway Mali Early Jackpot Settlement?

    1. Early settlement/early payout is a feature offered by the Betway Mali Jackpots.
    2. It allows you to get money back on your Betway Mali Jackpot bet before all the games have been played.
    3. The early payout offer you get is at Betway’s discretion.



Does Betway Mali give stake back?

    1. Betway Mali has a Bet Back bonus which gives a refund, should one of the selections in your bet fail.
    2. In a multi-bet with 6 games or more, you can get a Bet Back bonus of up to 20 times your bet.
    3. This bonus is in the form of a cash refund.



How Betway Mali works

    1. Betway Mali is a fully online sportsbook that can be accessed using a smartphone/computer.
    2. With good internet access, you can access the Betway Mali official website where you login to either deposit/withdraw/place bets.
    3. The various betting options are displayed at the top of the page.



How to reset the Betway Mali login password

    1. Visit the Betway Mali website.
    2. Click the “Forgot password?” option
    3. Enter your mobile number and click on “Password reset”
    4. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process.


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Sports available on Betway Mali are;

    1. Football
    2. Tennis
    3. Basketball
    4. Table tennis
    5. Ice hockey
    6. Golf
    7. Rugby
    8. Handball
    9. Volleyball
    10. Formula 1
    11. Snooker
    12. Curling
    13. Badminton
    14. Biathlon
    15. Waterpolo
    16. Baseball
    17. American football
    18. MMA
    19. Field Hockey
    20. Olympics
    21. Motor Sports



Betway is also available in the following countries;

    1. Betway Angola
    2. Betway Mozambique
    3. Betway Kenya
    4. Betway Cameroon
    5. Betway Niger
    6. Betway Ghana
    7. Betway South Africa
    8. Betway Zambia
    9. Betway Nigeria
    10. Betway Uganda

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