22bet Senegal Account & App Registration and Login

22bet Senegal awards a 100% bonus on first deposits. The bonus is awarded after you register your 22bet Senegal account.

How to register and bet on 22bet Senegal - Step by step guide
22bet Senegal Account Deposit

22bet Senegal Account & App Registration and Login


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In brief

    1. This article shares information about 22bet Senegal registration and 22bet Senegal login.
    2. We tell you about the 22bet Senegal App, 22bet Senegal casino, and 22bet Senegal affiliate program.
    3. Read on for information on the 22bet Senegal bonus, 22bet Senegal bonus terms, and the 22bet Senegal free bet.
    4. The article further touches on the 22bet Senegal birthday bonus, 22bet Senegal bet builder and 22bet Senegal customer care.
    5. Learn more about 22bet Senegal deposit, 22bet Senegal ESPORTS, and 22bet Senegal Friday bonus.
    6. We also tell you how to play on 22bet Senegal, 22bet Senegal free spins, and 22bet Senegal jobs.



About 22bet Senegal


Click here to register on 22bet Senegal


    1. 22bet is an international betting site that is also available in Senegal.
    2. 22bet Senegal has sports betting, casino, and ESPORTS.
    3. Live betting is also available on 22bet Senegal.
    4. ARCADIA HOLDING SARL (registered address Dakar-(Senegal), 36, Cite Des Profs Fann Residense, Senegal), the provider of this website is licensed by the Loterie Nationale Senegalaise to operate in Senegal under the license number 02002.



22bet Senegal App download

    1. Click here to download the 22bet Senegal Android mobile App
    2. Click here to download the 22bet Senegal iOS mobile App.
    3. Once downloaded, tap the file to install
    4. You may need to allow installation through settings
      1. Go to settings
      2. Go to security
      3. Find unknown sources
    5. Tap ‘Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store’



22bet Senegal registration

Click here to register on 22bet Senegal – use promo code 22_6330 to get a bonus.

Follow these simple steps to register a 22bet Senegal account:

    1. Click here to register on 22bet Senegal
    2. Click on the Register button
    3. Enter your phone number
    4. Set a password and confirm it
    5. Enter a 22bet Senegal promotional code (optional)
    6. Accept the 22bet Senegal terms and conditions
    7. Confirm that you are above 18 years
    8. Click on the register button to complete the process.

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22bet Senegal login

Logging into your 22bet Senegal account is easy if you have the following;

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet connection
    3. Your login details are your phone number and password.
    4. Click here to login to 22bet Senegal



22bet Senegal welcome bonus

    1. 22bet Senegal awards a 100% bonus on first deposits.
    2. The bonus is awarded after you register your 22bet Senegal account.
    3. The bonus is automatically given immediately after you make a deposit.
    4. The bonus amount awarded for this bonus is limited to 65,000 XOF.
    5. Deposit at least 650 XOF to get 22bet Senegal’s first deposit bonus.


22bet Senegal bonus code (22_6330 )

Use promo code 22_6330 to get a bonus on 22bet Senegal.



22bet Senegal bonus terms (how to use bonus)

The following are some of the 22bet bonus rules;

    1. You will not withdraw the bonus from 22bet Senegal until the bonus is used in bets.
    2. Once the bonus is credited, it cannot be transferred between accounts.
    3. If the bonus is awarded for sports betting, you are required to wager at least 5 times the bonus amount in multi-bets.
    4. The multi-bets should have a total of 1.7 odds. For single bets, the odds should be at least 1.5 odds.
    5. The bonus must be used up within 7 days after it is given.



22bet Senegal casino

22bet Senegal does not have a casino.



22bet Senegal orange deposit

22bet Senegal does not have Orange money among its payment options.



22bet Senegal deposit

    1. Login to your 22bet Senegal account
    2. Proceed to the “My Account” section
    3. Click on Deposit.
    4. Choose a payment method and follow the instructions.


22bet Senegal payment methods

    1. Visa
    2. Mastercard
    3. paydunya



How to delete your 22bet Senegal account

    1. Kindly contact the 22bet Senegal support team with your account number.
    2. Alternatively, you can avoid logging into your account for 3 months and it will automatically be blocked.



22bet Senegal contacts (+221 338200879)

    1. 22bet Senegal helpline: +221 338 00879
    2. Click here for the 22bet Senegal live chat. 
    3. 22bet Senegal email: support@22bet.com.sn



22bet Senegal minimum age

The 22bet Senegal minimum age requirement is 18 years.



22bet Senegal ESPORTS

    1. 22bet Senegal ESPORTS is a simulation of real football leagues and games.
    2. In 22bet Senegal ESPORTS, you have the same odds as those on real football matches.
    3. The teams assume pseudo-names for the gaming experience.
    4. To access 22bet Senegal e-football visit the 22bet Senegal website.
    5. Click on ESPORTS at the top of the page
    6. The steps to place a bet on 22bet Senegal ESPORTS are the same as those given above.



22bet Senegal free spins

22bet Senegal does not currently have free spins among its promotions.



22bet Senegal code converter

    1. A code converter allows you to place a bet using a booking code from another betting website.
    2. Use the steps given above to get a booking code.
    3. Go to any code converter sites online and sign in (search code converter on Google)
    4. Enter the booking code you wish to convert
    5. Provide the site from which you want to convert the code from, as well as the new site where you want to place a bet.
    6. Click on the “Convert” button then proceed to “See conversion”
    7. Copy your new booking code and enter it into your chosen new site to place a bet.



22bet Senegal Friday bonus

    1. 22bet Senegal does not have a Friday bonus but it has a Saturday Reload bonus.
    2. You are required to place at least 3200 XAF in bets throughout the week.
    3. Make a deposit on Saturday using the promo code SRB.
    4. You will be given a 100% Free bet of up to 65,000 XAF.




22bet Senegal headquarters

ARCADIA HOLDING SARL (registered address Dakar-(Senegal), 36, Cite Des Profs Fann Residense, Senegal)



22bet Senegal jobs

    1. 22bet Senegal does not have designated careers sections on the website.
    2. Kindly contact 22bet Senegal for directions on possible job vacancies.



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How to play on 22bet Senegal

Live bets are placed on events or matches that are already in progress, while pre-match bets are bets placed before games or events begin.

The following guide covers both 22bet Senegal Live and pre-match bets:

    1. Login to your 22bet Senegal account
    2. Go to your preferred category, for example, the Live option for live betting.
    3. Make your predictions on your selected matches by clicking on the odds that correspond with your favored outcome.
    4. Review your selections on the bet slip
    5. Enter a stake amount and place your live bet or pre-match bet.



22bet Senegal jackpot bonus

22bet Senegal does not have a jackpot.


22bet Senegal partners

    1. 22bet Senegal has an affiliate program called 22bet Partners.
    2. Under this program, 22bet Senegal rewards for traffic contributed to their sports and casino platforms.
    3. The traffic is created by referring friends and people you know to the 22bet Senegal website.
    4. Click here to sign up for 22bet Senegal affiliates and earn more income from it. 



22bet Senegal cash out

    1. 22bet Senegal does not have cash out but it has a bet sale option.
    2. You can take out your money before the bet is settled by selling the bet slip back to the company.
    3. Go to your 22bet Senegal account then Bet History to access the service.
    4. The service applies to single bets, multi/accumulator bets, and system bets.



How to withdraw on 22bet Senegal

    1. Login to your 22bet Senegal account.
    2. Proceed to the “My Account” section
    3. Click on withdrawal.
    4. Choose a payment method and follow the instructions
    5. Remember that payouts are processed on the same methods used for deposits.


22bet Senegal minimum stake (€0.10)

The 22bet Senegal minimum stake amount on any single selection is €0.10.


22bet Senegal maximum winnings

The 22bet Senegal maximum winning per customer is €100,000 per bet, €250,000 per day & €500,000 per week.


Why bet on 22bet Senegal

    1. A variety of sports to bet on
    2. Guaranteed payment of any winnings.
    3. The best deposit and withdrawal methods, include Mobile Money, Skrill, Kiwi, WebMoney, as well as cryptocurrency.
    4. Professional and helpful round-the-clock customer service. An individual approach to every customer.
    5. The ability to get the most relevant tips from other punters in 22bet Senegal chat and forums.
    6. High odds and big winnings.
    7. Privacy protection and security.
    8. A wide selection of leagues allows you to test any of your football bet predictions.

How 22bet Senegal works

    1. 22bet Senegal is an online sportsbook that can be accessed using a smartphone/computer.
    2. With good internet access, you can access the 22bet Senegal website where you login to either deposit/withdraw/place bets.
    3. The various betting options are displayed at the top of the page.

22bet Senegal correct score

    1. This is a betting market offered on 22bet Senegal
    2. It involves predicting the score lines of matches.
    3. Examples; 2:0 Full Time, 1:1 Half Time.
    4. Visit the 22bet Senegal website.
    5. Click on the Sports or Live buttons
    6. Choose a match or event and click on (+) to get available correct score predictions.

The following sports are available on 22bet Senegal;

    1. Football
    2. Tennis
    3. Ice hockey
    4. Volleyball
    5. Table tennis
    6. Handball
    7. Cricket
    8. ESPORTS
    9. Alpine Skiing
    10. Australian rules
    11. Badminton
    12. Bandy
    13. Biathlon
    14. Billiards
    15. Boxing
    16. Chess
    17. Darts
    18. Floorball
    19. Formula 1
    20. Golf
    21. Futsal
    22. Gaelic football
    23. Horseracing
    24. Hurling
    25. Lacrosse
    26. Motorsport
    27. Politics (novelty)
    28. Rugby
    29. Snooker
    30. Surfing
    31. Trotting