1XBET Ghana Account & App Registration and Login 

1XBET Ghana offers up to a 300% bonus on first deposits.

How to register and bet on 1XBet Ghana - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on 1XBet Ghana - Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

1XBET Ghana Account & App Registration and Login 


Click here to register on 1XBET Ghana 


Click here to login to 1XBET Ghana


In brief

    1. This article shares information about 1XBET Ghana registration and 1XBET Ghana login.
    2. We tell you about 1XBET Ghana App, the 1XBET Ghana bonus, and how to become a 1XBET Ghana agent.
    3. Read on to know about 1XBET Ghana booking code, 1XBET Ghana bonus requirements and 1XBET Ghana bet slip check.
    4. The article further touches on 1XBET Ghana correct score, 1XBET Ghana contacts and 1XBET Ghana deposit.
    5. Learn more about 1XBET Ghana promo code, 1XBET Ghana deposit code and 1XBET Ghana ESPORTS.
    6. We also tell you about the 1XBET Ghana Friday bonus rules, 1XBET Ghana free bet and 1XBET Ghana first deposit bonus.

About 1XBet Ghana


Click here to register on 1XBET Ghana 


    1. 1XBET is an online betting platform that has a presence all over the world, including in Ghana.
    2. It has sports betting, virtual games, casino, and many other betting options.
    3. Live betting is also available on 1XBET Ghana.
    4. 1XBET Ghana is owned and operated by CLICKWELL Ghana Limited, and is licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana.


1XBET Ghana login

Logging in to your 1XBET Ghana account is easy if you have the following;

    1. Your smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet access
    3. Your login details which are your username/ID/email and password
    4. Click here to Login to 1XBet Ghana



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1XBET Ghana registration 

Follow these simple steps to register by phone on 1XBET Ghana;

    1. Click here to register on 1XBet Ghana
    2. Click “Registration” on the 1xBet home page
    3. Select “By phone” on the registration form that pops up
    4. Enter your phone number and click “Send SMS”
    5. Enter the confirmation code sent to your phone
    6. Click confirm to complete your registration

Enter the promo code 1x_662391 to get a bonus.


1XBET Ghana registration by email

    1. Click here to register on 1XBet Ghana
    2. Click “Registration” on the 1xBet home page
    3. Select “By email”: It is the third option on the registration page.
    4. Choose your country and city: Start by setting Ghana in the first field and then choose your local town in the preceding text box.
    5. Set your currency: Tap the drop-down arrow and search for Ghanaian cedi. Click on it
    6. Provide your email: It should be correct as you will be required to verify it.
    7. Enter your Phone Number: Omit the first zero digit when typing it in this field.
    8. Specify your name: Key in your First Name and Last Name into their respective text boxes.
    9. Set a password: It should contain more than six characters, containing Capital Letters, Small Letters, Numbers, and Characters.
    10. Give your Promo Code: If you don’t have one, leave this field empty.
    11. Accept bonus: Make sure the last text box reads “Bonus for Sports.” If so, then tap on the “Register” button.

1XBET Ghana Apk (mobile App)

    1. 1XBET Ghana has mobile Apps for both Android and iOS users.
    2. It also has a windows App suitable for use on the computer.
    3. For a 1XBET Ghana App update, delete your App and download a fresh version from any of the following links;
        1. Click here to download 1XBET Ghana Apk for Android mobile. 
        2. Click here to download the iOS version of the 1XBET Ghana mobile App. 
        3. Click here to download the 1XBET Ghana windows App for PC/computer. 

Is 1XBET Ghana reliable? 

Yes, 1XBET is an internationally renowned bookmaker which is licensed in Ghana.



Become a 1XBET Ghana agent

    1. Working with 1XBET Ghana as an agent has immense benefits.
    2. This is because 1XBET is a giant international betting platform.
    3. The numerous possibilities include even starting your own business in the betting industry.
    4. Click here to become a 1XBET Ghana agent.


1XBET Ghana booking code

    1. A booking code is used to reserve a bet for you to place later.
    2. Login to your 1XBET Ghana account and make your selections.
    3. After making your selections, click on “Save”  at the bottom of the bet slip to get a booking code.
    4. With your booking code, login to your account later and go to your bet slip.
    5. If you find any selections on the bet slip, click “Remove all”
    6. Select your country from the drop-down menu and enter your Booking code to place a bet.

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1XBET Ghana bonus requirements

    1. To get any bonus you must register on 1XBET Ghana.
    2. Deposit requirements for the welcome bonus are as follows;
        1. 200% – for deposits up to 380 GHS.
        2. 250% – for deposits of 381 GHS to 760 GHS.
        3. 300% – for deposits from 761 GHS (the maximum bonus is 2650 GHS).
    3. For a multi-bet bonus (hyper bonus) you must have a minimum of 4 games on the bet slip.
    4. The multi-bet games should each have at least 1.2 odds to qualify for the hyper bonus.
    5. Requirements for other bonuses are well indicated in the Promotions Section.



1XBET Ghana bonus rules

    1. Bonuses can be revoked if you are found to be using duplicate accounts.
    2. Bonus cannot be withdrawn until half the bonus amount is used at least 5 times in multi-bets.
    3. Adhere to the time frames set for each bonus.
    4. For example, the first deposit bonus can only be activated within 30 days after registration.



1XBET Ghana withdrawal conditions

    1. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts may vary depending on your bank and country.
    2. Withdrawals are processed through the same means used to deposit.



1XBET Ghana bet slip check

    1. 1XBET Ghana has a bet slip check function that allows you to track your bets.
    2. Login to your 1XBET Ghana account 
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
    4. Click on the Bet slip check button.
    5. Enter the bet slip number to search.



1XBET Ghana correct score

    1. This is a betting market offered on 1XBET Ghana.
    2. It involves predicting the score lines of matches.
    3. Examples; 2:0 Full Time, 1:1 Half Time.
    4. Visit the 1XBET Ghana website.
    5. Click on the Sports or Live buttons.
    6. Choose a match or event and click on (+) to get available correct score predictions.


1XBET Ghana contacts (+44 127 325-69-87)

    1. 1XBET Ghana email: info-ke@1xbet-team.com
    2. 1XBET Ghana Helpline: +44 127 325-69-87
    3. 1XBET Ghana WhatsApp: +35795764426
    4. 1XBET Ghana is on Twitter @1xbet_support
    5. 1XBET Ghana financial/payment issues should be forwarded to: accounting@1xbet-team.com
    6. Click here for 1XBET Ghana live chat.

1XBET Ghana promo code

    1. Login to your account
    2. Click on “My Account”
    3. Go to account settings
    4. Click “Promo code check”



1XBET Ghana deposit

Follow these steps to recharge your 1XBET Ghana account;

    1. Login to your 1XBET Ghana account.
    2. Click on the “My Account” button then proceed to Deposit.
    3. All payment methods will be displayed on that page.
    4. If a given payment option is not on the list, it means it is not accepted.
    5. Select a deposit method
    6. Enter the deposit amount
    7. Click Confirm.
    8. Complete all the provided fields to complete the transaction.



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1XBET Ghana deposit code

    1. A deposit code is a unique combination of characters that identifies a specific deposit transaction on 1XBET Ghana.
    2. It is useful in tracking payments because it is a point of reference.
    3. The deposit codes are usually displayed against your transactions when you check from your 1XBET Ghana account.



1XBET Ghana deposit problems

  1. 1XBET Ghana financial/payment issues should be forwarded to: accounting@1xbet-team.com



1XBET Ghana desktop login (homepage)

Click here to login to 1XBET Ghana.

1XBET Ghana exchange

Betting exchange is not allowed on 1XBET Ghana.




    1. 1XBET Ghana has an ESPORTS zone where you can play simulated match bets.
    2. Click on the ESPORTS tab at the top of the page on the 1XBET Ghana website.
    3. There are 3 sections that feature created teams that resemble real-life sports teams:
      1. Live where you can place bets as ESPORTS matches continue.
      2. Pre-match is where you place bets before ESPORTS matches begin.
      3. ESPORTS zone which shows the general match schedule.

1XBET Ghana Friday bonus rules (lucky Friday)

To receive the Lucky Friday bonus:

    1. Agree to participate in sports betting bonus offers
    2. Go to My Account then Account Settings
    3. Proceed to the “Participation in bonus offers” section
    4. Make a deposit on Friday from 00:00 to 23:59.
    5. The bonus awarded is equal to 100% of the deposit amount.
    6. The bonus amount is capped at €100.
    7. The minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus is €1.
    8. The bonus is credited automatically once the deposit has been made.



1XBET Ghana first deposit bonus

    1. 1XBET Ghana offers up to a 300% bonus on first deposits.
    2. The highest amount awarded for this bonus is 2650 GHS.
    3. Register a 1XBET Ghana account and deposit to claim this bonus.



1XBET Ghana headquarters

1XBET Ghana headquarters are in Accra Ghana.



1XBET Ghana hyper bonus

    1. Hyper bonus is the bonus awarded on 1XBET Ghana multi bet.
    2. It is awarded from a minimum of 4 games on a bet slip where you get a 5% bonus.
    3. All games on your bet slip should have at least 1.2 odds to qualify for this bonus.



1XBET Ghana ID recovery

Kindly get in touch with 1XBET Ghana via the methods above to recover your user ID.



1XBET Ghana insure bet (free bet)

    1. 1XBET Ghana has a risk-free bet offer where you place bets and do not lose your stake at the end.
    2. If your bet loses, you are given a free bet
    3. This offer is found in the 1XBET Ghana promo section.



Can I withdraw the 1XBET Ghana bonus?

Bonus cannot be withdrawn until half the bonus amount is used at least 5 times in multi-bets.



1XBET Ghana cash out

    1. 1XBET Ghana grants cash-out requests on limited or selected events.
    2. The cash-out option enables you to take out your winnings earlier before all events are settled, to avoid total losses.
    3. Login to your 1XBET Ghana account
    4. Go to the best history tab and click on “My bets” to check for cash out.



1XBET Ghana bet builder

    1. 1XBET Ghana has a bet constructor which carries selected matches.
    2. These accumulator games are found in the live and sports categories at the top of the page.



1XBET Ghana jackpot

      1. 1XBET Ghana has a Toto jackpot which includes 15 football games.
      2. Visit the 1XBET Ghana website.
      3. Click on the Toto Jackpot button to view the offers.


How to play on 1XBET Ghana

    1. Live bets are bets placed on events or matches that are already in progress.
    2. Advance or pre-match bets are bets placed before matches or events begin.
    3. The following guide covers both 1XBET Ghana live in-play and advance bets:
      1. Click here to login to your 1XBET Ghana account 
      2. Go to your preferred category, for example, the Live bets option for live betting
      3. Make your predictions on your selected matches by clicking on the odds
      4. Review your selections on the bet slip
      5. Enter a stake amount.
      6. Click on “Instant Bet” to place your live bet or pre-match bet.



How to withdraw from 1XBET Ghana

    1. Login to your 1XBET Ghana account
    2. Select the withdraw option.
    3. Follow the prompts on your screen to make a withdrawal.
    4. 1XBET Ghana payouts/withdrawals are only processed through the same method used in depositing.


1XBET Ghana withdrawal limit (1.50 USD/1.50 Euro)

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1.50 USD/1.50 Euro while the maximum amount is not defined.



What are the payment options accepted on 1XBET Ghana?

    1. Visa
    2. Mastercard
    3. Skrill
    4. SticPay
    5. Perfect Money
    6. ecoPayz
    7. Bitcoin
    8. Litecoin
    9. Dogecoin
    10. Dash
    11. Monero
    12. Zcash
    13. Ethereum
    14. Verge
    15. Neteller
    16. Astropay
    17. MoneyGo


How do I install 1xBet Ghana on an iPhone?

Use the steps below to obtain the firm’s iOS application:

    1. Launch your App Store: You will be able to see this app on your home screen. It has a blue icon with a white capital A inside a circle. Tap on it to open it.
    2. Click on the Search icon: It is located at the bottom of your gadget’s screen. You can alternatively use the categories tab to locate the 1xBet application. Type in the app’s name: This should be 1xBet without quotation marks.
    3. Press the Enter key: It is at the bottom of your keyboard. You can also click on the magnifying glass at the end of the search box.
    4. Tap the app’s icon: Press its icon so that a new window with size, screenshots, and ratings will appear.
    5. Select Get: This button is next to the program’s name and is blue. Initiate installation: Click on the Install button, which will appear in the same location as Get.
    6. Authenticate the action: Use your password, face ID, or touch ID. If you are not signed in, you will need to provide your Apple email address.
    7. Be patient: Wait for it to download. Once it finishes, you can locate it on your home screen. Alternatively, press Open in the place where Get was to launch it directly.
    8. Click here to download the 1XBET Ghana App.



What is a double chance in 1XBET?

    1. Double chance is a betting market available on 1XBET Ghana.
    2. Under double chance you can predict either of the following results;
        1. Home team or away team to win (1/2)
        2. Home team to win or draw (1/X)
        3. Draw or Away team to win  (X/2)



1XBET Ghana affiliates

    1. 1XBET Ghana has an affiliate program where you can refer your friends to 1XBET KGhana.
    2. 1XBET Ghana offers up to 40% commission on referrals made.
    3. Click here to register and know more about 1XBET Ghana affiliates.




1XBET Ghana aviator

    1. Aviator is a game available on 1XBET Ghana casino.
    2. Login to your account and click on the Casino tab at the top menu.
    3. Use the search button to easily access and play Aviator on 1XBET Ghana.



1XBET Ghana virtual

    1. Yes, virtual sports are available on 1XBET Ghana.
    2. Click here to play virtual games on 1XBET Ghana.
    3. Click the “More” button at the top of the page to access virtual sports.



1XBET Ghana code converter

    1. A code converter is software that allows you to place a bet using a booking code from another betting website.
    2. Use the steps given above to get a booking code.
    3. Go to any code converter sites online and sign in (search code converter on Google)
    4. Enter the booking code you wish to convert
    5. Provide the site from which you want to convert the code from, as well as the new site where you want to place a bet.
    6. Click on the “Convert” button then proceed to “See conversion”
    7. Copy your new booking code and enter it into your chosen new site to place a bet.



How to delete your 1XBET Ghana account

Contact the 1XBET Ghana support team to get guidelines on the self-exclusion process.



How 1XBET Ghana works

    1. 1XBET Ghana is an online sportsbook that can be accessed using a smartphone/computer.
    2. With good internet access, you can access the 1XBET Ghana official website where you login to either deposit/withdraw/place bets.
    3. The various betting options are displayed at the top of the page.



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1XBET Ghana handicap

    1. Handicap is a betting market that has enhanced competitiveness.
    2. It takes into account additional victory, above the normal win in a game
    3. For example, if Liverpool is playing at home against Norwich, you might bet on Liverpool to win by a 3-goal margin.
    4. This means that Liverpool not only wins the match but scores 3 more goals than Norwich.
    5. Handicap exists to attract more money and enhance the thrill of betting.



Sports available on 1XBET Ghana;

    1. Football
    2. Tennis
    3. Basketball
    4. Table tennis
    5. Ice hockey
    6. Handball
    7. Volleyball
    8. Cricket
    9. Beach volleyball
    10. Mortal Kombat
    11. Badminton
    12. Darts
    13. Rugby
    14. Snooker
    15. Waterpolo
    16. Greyhound racing
    17. WWE Battleground
    18. Dota
    19. Biathlon
    20. ESPORTS

1XBET is also available in the following countries;

    1. 1XBET Mozambique
    2. 1XBET Burkina Faso
    3. 1XBET Ethiopia
    4. 1XBET Kenya
    5. 1XBET Botswana
    6. 1XBET Rwanda
    7. 1XBET DR Congo
    8. 1XBET Cameroon
    9. 1XBET Senegal
    10. 1XBET Burundi
    11. 1XBET Malawi
    12. 1XBET Tanzania
    13. 1XBET Zambia
    14. 1XBET South Africa
    15. 1XBET Nigeria
    16. 1XBET Uganda

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