Government renames Moi Day, Boxing Day holidays

The Cabinet Meeting. [Photo/PPS]

The Kenyan Cabinet has on Thursday approved the renaming of two the Moi Day and Boxing Day holidays.

The October 10 Moi Day celebrations have now been renamed to Huduma Day, while the December 26 Boxing Day will now be Utamaduni Day.

The Huduma Day will from henceforth be a day of service and volunteerism. This is in accordance with Retired President Moi’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed.

“Today Cabinet meeting also approved the renaming of Moi Day which falls on 10th October as Huduma Day. This is in line with former President Moi desire that the day is commemorated as a day of service and volunteerism,” said Uhuru.

“Under the proposals to amend the Public Holiday Act (Cap 109), Cabinet approved the renaming of Boxing Day which falls on 26th December to Utamaduni Day,” he added.

Boxing Day is said to be a day off for servants to receive Christmas Boxes from their masters. In Britain, the servants would go home on Boxing Day to unbox the gifts with their families.