Ephemeral reprieve for Trump as Republican senators secure smooth trial rules

US President Donald Trump[PHOTO/CNBC]

The US Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted to approve the laid guidelines for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. The senate, hugely dominated by Republican party members, was casting the vote to break contention between Democrats and Republicans on whether witnesses against Trump should be granted a hearing at the trial chamber.

Trump’s impeachment debate has attracted global attention being the third Presidential ouster trial in the US, many terming it as historic. Last month, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump, citing abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump, however, denied committing any of the felonies.

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During Wednesday’s session, senators voted along party lines to impede motions aimed at imposing more stringent rules for the impeachment trial. White House counsel Pat Cipollone dismissed the impeachment motion saying the democrats had not attained the basic US constitution’s standards for presidential impeachment.

The Democratic senators, however, vowed to push harder for the resolve to have witnesses testify against Trump in the trial chamber. The ouster attempts pose a litmus test for Trump as he battles to retain his seat in the general elections scheduled for the year.

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