EaziBet Kenya Deposit and Withdrawal

EaziBet Kenya normally pays you the same way you deposited. The deposit and withdrawal steps are quite simple.

Deposit and Withdraw with Eazibet.
Deposit and Withdraw with Eazibet.

EaziBet Kenya Deposit and Withdrawal


What’s the EaziBet Kenya minimum deposit

EazyBet Kenya minimum deposit is KSh 1.

How do I deposit on EaziBet Kenya?

  1. Send money through your M-Pesa account to 290029 (carrier fees may apply)

How long does a deposit take?

My top-up does not reflect in my online balance?

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How to withdraw with Eazibet Kenya

    1. Eazibet Kenya have 3 options: Bank Transfer, FNB Instant Cash eWallet Services or the ABSA 24hr Cash Withdrawal option.
    2. To make a withdrawal, start by logging into your Eazibet Kenya account.
    3. Click on “Withdrawal”.
    4. Select your preferred withdrawal method.
    5. For the FNB and ABSA methods, you do not have to bank with either to use this service.
    6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I withdraw anytime?

    1. Only the FNB Instant Cash Withdrawal method is available outside of working hours.
    2. Bank transfers and the ABSA Cash send happen Monday to Friday during working hours and exclude public holidays.
    3. If you deposited with a Credit/Cheque Card then we will require a copy of the credit card to confirm that the card is in your name before we can process any withdrawals to that same card.


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Why can’t I withdraw?

    1. We may need your FICA documents or you’ve reached the daily/monthly limit for the ABSA and FNB withdrawal methods.
    2. If you are using a new or different credit card for deposits, and we don’t have a copy of it, the withdrawal won’t occur. Please contact info@eazibet.co.za

Are there any fees for withdrawing?

  1. If requesting withdrawal to your credit card, Eazibet Kenya will charge a 5% administration fee. When using the FNB and ABSA withdrawal options, a charge is levied by either bank to use their services.

How will I get paid?

    1. The choice is yours. Select which method suits you best from our withdrawal page once you are logged in.
    2. EaziBet Kenya normally pays you the same way you deposited.
    3. If you deposit via EFT Eazibet Kenya will simply transfer the money to your bank account.
    4. If you deposited with credit card then we pay you back to your card.

How can I change the payment method?

You will have to make a request to change your method of payment by sending an email to info@eazibet.co.za