Brexit Delay Appears Doctored. Is Britain Truly Ready?

[Photo/ ABC News]

Brexit Delay Appears Doctored. Is Britain Truly Ready?

The British government has for the umpteenth time announced postponement of the parliamentary vote needed to conclude the Brexit process. The new date now stands at 31st of January 2020 following EU’s nod to UK’s request to have the timelines extended.

This new gesture acts in outright contradiction of an earlier position held by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had sworn to have the UK exit from the union by 31st October and termed it as a “do or die” affair.

The MPs however acted to derail the process by declining to back a motion that had been tailored to call for an early election on 28th October, this being the third time they had shot down the attempt.

Under the new arrangement, Parliament is set to get dissolved on 6th November with the election scheduled for December 12. The outcome of the election will then be the key determinant on the ultimate fate of Brexit.