A Guide to Assessing New Bookmaker Sites

Sites with poor customer service are to be avoided at all costs. It can be difficult sometimes to assess customer service, but if the site acts in bad faith, avoid it.

A Guide to Assessing New Bookmaker Sites


There can be no denying the web is full of bookmaker sites with many established brands being household names. That said, new bookmaker sites are springing up all the time all over the world. The question is are these new sites worth your time? The answer is yes, so let’s explore it in more depth.

New sites are arguably the best bookmakers you can use at the moment. The market is highly competitive, so the newer sites have to use creative ways to get your attention. Here are some tips for finding good new bookmaker sites.

Do Your Diligence

Once you’ve found a suitable candidate your next step is to assess it. You should look at the following aspects:

  • Licensing – Is the site licensed by a trusted gambling authority? Depending on where you live in the world the site may not be licensed by an agency in your part of the world. This is not the end of the world as many sites are regulated in Malta where tax and regulations are more favourable. Wherever the site is licensed it should be displayed on the site, easy to find, and not hidden away.
  • Wagering requirements– Wagering requirements are another aspect to take a close look at. They normally work by applying a multiplier and are often used in conjunction with bonuses. So if there is a wagering requirement of x5 to a bonus of say $50. You have to stake a further $250 before withdrawing any winnings. When assessing bonus offers, always check this to avoid nasty surprises.
  • Customer service– Sites with poor customer service are to be avoided at all costs. It can be difficult to assess customer service on a new betting site, but if the site acts in poor faith the word soon gets out that it is one to avoid. As such, check reviews and social media and try and assess how good the customer service is. Sooner or later you’re going to need to pick up the phone and talk to them and the site must have good and willing customer service to bring about a quick resolution to disputes.
  • Reviews– Again, reviews of new sites are difficult to ascertain but not impossible. Check Google and social media to try and get a feel of whether the site is worth your time. Social media is beneficial but bear in mind that this is an instant reaction to a situation and not something that someone has thought through. Any review that is too good or too bad is probably fake.


Bonuses are a big factor in sports betting and here new sites come under pressure to offer better bonuses than leading betting brands. As such, compare offerings from new sites and established ones. The newer sites tend to have better offerings at least on some sports, so leverage this to your advantage.


Always check the odds against several sites and pick the best offering. Life is too short not to.

With a little research, you’ll find some real gems among new betting sites.